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Computer Room, Server, Network, Temperature, Environment Monitoring & Alerting with Room Alert, TemPageR & Device ManageR!

AVTECH ProductsCurrent Firmware & Software
v6.3.3Device ManageR (Win)Released: December 9, 2015
v2.5.1Room Alert 32W
 (Includes Room Alert 32E)
Released: May 15, 2015
v3.0.0Room Alert 12EReleased: November 5, 2015
v4.0.0Room Alert 4E
 (Includes Signal Towers)
Released: November 5, 2015
v2.0.0Room Alert 3EReleased: November 5, 2015
v3.5.1Room Alert 26W *
 (Includes Room Alert 26WO)
Released: September 14, 2011
v4.1.3Room Alert 24E *Released: December 27, 2013
v4.0.0Room Alert 11E *Released: April 27, 2012
v4.5.0Room Alert 7E *Released: April 3, 2012
v4.5.0TemPageR 4E *Released: April 3, 2012
v3.0.1TemPageR 3E *Released: April 10, 2013
v4.1.0Device Discovery (Linux)Released: October 16, 2012
v4.3.2Device Discovery (Win)Released: December 23, 2015
Download at GoToMyDevices * This model no longer manufactured.
All AVTECH downloads are now available through, AVTECH's cloud solution for monitoring Room Alert. As a current customer, simply register with your email address at to access your downloads. Any passwords previously used with are no longer needed.

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