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AVTECH Device ManageR Advanced Software For Discovery, Management, Logging, Graphing, Alerting And More Logo AVTECH's All-In-One Solution For Discovery, Management, Logging, Graphing, Alerting & More Of Room Alert, TemPageR & Axis Cameras. Display Multiple Units Through A Single Web Interface, Update Multiple Units Simultaneously, View Multiple Cameras Across Your Network & More From Anywhere.
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Making sure our customers are satisfied is important to AVTECH Software (AVTECH). We work very hard to be sure that every new customer gets up and running as quickly as possible. We want all of our customers to get as much utility as possible out of our products, both in the beginning and for years to follow. To help accomplish and insure our objective of complete satisfaction, we provide you with the following: 30 Day, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee AVTECH believes you have the right to be completely satisfied with any purchase from us. We give you thirty (30) days to return any product or cancel any order. Simply contact your Product Specialist at 888.220.6700 to coordinate the return and cancel your order. Your payment will be refunded once the product is returned, minus any shipping cost. It's that simple. We Make Getting Started Easy Every AVTECH product comes with a printed User's Guide & Reference Manual or Installation Note. This document explains everything you need to know in order to install and get started. It further explains all system and software requirements. We Assist You With Set Up Although our product's ease of use is immediately apparent, we stand ready to assist you with answers to questions and advice on set up. You can email or chat to your product specialist directly or address your request to, or better still, call us directly on our Toll Free line at 888.220.6700. International prospects and customers should call 401.628.1600. We Provide Product Overviews & Justifications It's easy to investigate AVTECH products and know that you want them. Especially since you're the one who'll be using it day in and day out. Unfortunately, there's almost always someone else that you need to convince that the expense is necessary and that the investment is justified. Whether they be manager or associate, we have an overview and justification that provides an easy to read and understand outline of overall functionality, important features, primary benefits, typical set up configuration, sample pricing and easy ordering instructions. You can attach this to your acquisition request or "borrow" any part of it for use in writing your own cost justification. If you desire, your product specialist is more than willing to help you analyze the benefits and cost savings AVTECH products can bring to your specific application. Their experience with other users is a resource you can tap. We Provide Unlimited Purchase Quotations Determining which of the monitoring packages best fits your needs and budget can be something that requires full consideration. To assist you in knowing exactly what the cost is for each purchase scenario, we are more than happy to provide you with any combination of quotations to meet your needs. Sometimes a purchase decision is based on the desired depth and reach you want in the monitoring capabilites, and let's face it, sometimes the purchase is based upon real world limitations in the budget. Regardless of the challenge, we'll work with you to find the solution and price that best meets your needs and budget. And, if you need to start out with a smaller monitor than you know you'll want down the road, don't worry because you can easily add monitors at any time to obtain the desired results and consolidate monitoring with the free Device ManageR software. We Work With Your Purchasing People Once a decision to buy has occurred, there is often a need for AVTECH to speak directly with those who set up vendor accounts or complete purchase orders. They want to be sure they know who we are and that you actually receive whatever you buy on behalf of your organization. We are happy to provide written and verbal information immediately so that these people have what they need to move forward and then get on with their other responsibilities. We have Email and PDF documents available that typically will provide all the information purchasing people are looking for before and after a sale. We Follow Up After The Sale After a sale is made, it is common for salespeople at other companies to drift off and sometimes never be heard from again. This is not how we work. AVTECH assigns a specific Product Specialist to your organization who continues to be available to you for years to follow. Whether it is to tell you about product changes coming down the road or to simply say hello and check that everything is okay. While it is never our intent to bother our customers too often as we know you are busy at all times, if you need help in any way, your Product Specialist will be receptive to your call. We Keep Our Customers Informed Because you are important to us and we want to help you get all you can out of our products, we try to keep you informed of changes and new information through several methods. Our web site, monthly customer email newsletter and periodic information "Tweets". Additionally, your Product Specialist will also contact you a couple times a year to confirm that your continued use of our products is going well and assist you if desired. AVTECH also provides periodic product and upgrade notices that provide you with information regarding new products, software and firmware upgrades, special offers and company updates. We Provide Professional Technical Support Our first line of technical support is made up of Product Specialists who have years of experience working with thousands of users with similar needs. They work hard to get you the answers you need because they know that doing so in a professional manner is how they can build our business and help AVTECH grow. They are backed by some of the most talented and hardest working engineers in the business. If there is ever a problem with our products, we take it seriously and do everything possible to resolve it and get you back to business. With special data collecting technologies built into our software, we seek to minimize the impact on you while gathering full information in the first pass. In the last 4 years, we have a track record of identifying and resolving 94% of our technical support issues during the first call or within the next business day. And, although we do not wish to waste anyone's time by having you put us to the test, if an issue does arise, you'll be glad we take our support seriously. We Value Your Feedback Obtaining ideas and insights from prospects and customers is the best way for us to know how well we are serving you. It also can give us some of the best and most creative direction for future product and service development. We are always listening so that we can better understand your needs and how our products and services can help you satisfy them. We Treat You With Respect We are proud of our products and work hard to serve you. When someone is new to our products or doing business with us for the first time, it can be easy to feel afraid of being over sold or under served because of our high confidence. Or, maybe they just see things differently than we do because we are a vendor and they are a prospective customer. No matter what the conversation might be, it is the goal and objective of everyone employed at AVTECH to treat people with complete respect and full credibility. We are all working for the same thing; The improvement of management practices in your facility and easy environment monitoring for any application. Towards this objective, we are a facilitator that provides you with powerful tools. We know that only when we work with you, that we can all benefit from our business relationship. We Protect Your Privacy & Contact Information In today's internet world, a person's contact information can be sent around the globe in milliseconds. Unfortunately, when that happens, a little bit more of a person's privacy disappears. We know you have entrusted AVTECH with your personal contact data and we will do everything possible to protect it and keep it private. We never release your information outside of our company. Learn more about how we protect Your Privacy here. We Value Your Business In today's competitive marketplace, it takes a lot to earn your trust and win your business. Once we have it, we will do everything reasonable to keep it because that is how we stay in business and continue grow. Since we started in 1988, we've managed to constantly grow our business and make many valuable friends along the way. These relationships are important and we place great value on them. AVTECH remains committed to your complete satisfaction with our products and services. We strongly believe that you will find our effort and commitment to be unmatched as we work to make your relationship with us a pleasant and beneficial one at all times. Our business depends on satisfied customers. We want you always to be happy that you chose to do business with us. If this is ever not the case, please let us know.

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