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Email-To-SMS Database

Portable communication devices like mobile phones, pagers, PDAs and tablets have the ability to receive text messages sent from computers. This is accomplished using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send an email consisting of your 10-digit phone number, 7-digit phone number, pin-number or name followed by a domain address specified by your service provider. This is often referred to as Email-To-SMS.

When using Email-To-SMS (Email-To-Text, SMTP Relay), the message being sent is relayed through your email server to the email address obtained when combining the two pieces from above. This form of sending text messages only requires that you have an active internet connection and a mail server to relay the text messages through. It can also be much faster than sending text messages via a modem using the TAP Protocol.

In order to use Email-To-SMS, you must know two things about your mobile device; your phone number, pin-number or name and the specific domain address for sending SMTP text messages for your service provider. These email addresses, used by Device ManageR (i.e. therefore Room Alert and TemPageR) and other products to send SMS text messaging, are provided here by AVTECH to make the process of setting-up Email-To-SMS much easier.

Locate your service provider by clicking on the letter above that corresponds with the first letter of the service providers name. Next, find your service provider in the entries displayed on that page to identify the most likely email address for your mobile device. If your vendor is not listed and you know the settings, please email this to us at so we may test this and add it to this directory.

Thank you for using AVTECH products. We appreciate your business.

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