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Room Alert 32E Monitor


Like our Room Alert 32S, this model is packed with the most capacity for the most sensors. It monitors temperature, humidity and its own main-vs-battery-power status. With room for 30 sensors/accessories each and the capacity to toggle multiple low-voltage electrical devices, it's got your environment covered.

When conditions exceed your thresholds, Room Alert notifies you right away so you can act quickly.

  • Send email and text messages right from the device.
  • Trigger the warning LEDs and siren sound on a Light Tower.
  • Pair with (or other compatible platforms) for even more alerting capabilities.

Advanced Security & Features Available:
Room Alert 32S offers advanced security features including HTTPS, SSL/TLS, SNMP v3 and more.
Learn More About Room Alert 32S

Room Alert 32E Standard Package $ 995.00

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Room Alert 32E Description

Like the Room Alert 32S, this unit is packed with the most sensing capacity: it monitors your facility for temperature and humidity and boasts a generous capacity for up to 26 more sensors. Our standard Room Alert 32E package includes 1 external Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor (25' or 7.62 m) to help monitor temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point. 4 additional ports allow you to toggle low-voltage electrical devices, such as an AC units, fans, alarm panels and the warning LEDs/siren sound on a Light Tower.

This feature-packed model houses an internal battery backup that can supply up to 15 minutes of power to the device. Should main power falter, that extra uptime allows the unit to execute critical notifications and actions. A dedicated internal power sensor watches the battery back up, letting you know if the device is on main or battery power.

The Room Alert 32E fits 1U of rack space in a server cabinet, but can also hang from a ceiling or on a wall from its rotating rack wings. Perfect for areas requiring comprehensive coverage, this unit is at home in data centers, warehouses and any space requiring eyes on a wide variety of conditions—or on the same condition in multiple targeted locations.

Use Room Alert 32E on its own or pair it with these powerful platforms!

  • Room Alert Manager
  • 3rd-party SNMP or JSON

Trigger alerts, reminders and “all-clears” in response to environmental thresholds that you set.

Receive alerts in the best format for you!

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Visual/audible signal
  • HTTP post
  • SNMP trap

View sensor readings on an easy-to-read web interface—over the Internet or on your local network.

Compile, graph and download historical sensor data to spot trends in your environment.

Power Room Alert by PoE or with included 5V power adapter.

Room Alert 32E Specifications

This list applies to both the Room Alert 32S and Room Alert 32E models.



Internal temperature sensor

Condition monitored
Indoor ambient temperature
-40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
+/- 2°C
Numeric values in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Internal humidity sensor

Condition monitored
Indoor relative humidity (RH), non-condensing
5% - 85% RH
+/- 4.5% RH at 5 to 59% RH
+/- 6.5% RH at 60 to 95% RH
0.333% RH
Numeric values in % RH

Internal power sensor

Condition monitored
Power status of the Room Alert 32E
“Battery power”/”Main power”

External sensor & accessory ports

8 digital sensor ports (RJ-11)
16 switch sensor ports (screw terminal blocks)
2 analog sensor ports (screw terminal blocks)
2 relay output ports (screw terminal blocks)
2 Light Tower & Relay Adapter ports (RJ-11)

Power & connectivity ports

1 5V barrel-connector power jack
1 RJ-45 Ethernet port (PoE-enabled)

Power supply

AVTECH 5V power adapter (100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, RoHS)
or PoE (IEEE802.3af compliant)


1.75" (4.45 cm)
3.75" (9.53 cm)
14" (35.56 cm) without rack-mount wings
19" (48.26 cm) with rack-mount wings


2.81 lbs (44.96 oz) with rack-mount wings

Operating tolerances

-40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
5% - 85% RH, non-condensing
Do not place Room Alert monitors inside refrigerators/freezers—these are condensing environments.

Room Alert 32E Compatible Products

Compatible monitoring platforms

You may access your Room Alert 32E through the compatible platforms below. For more information, please see our FAQ, The Differences Between Room Alert Monitoring Platforms.

Room Alert's built-in web interface Account

Room Alert Link software

Room Alert Manager software

Replaces Device ManageR.

Device ManageR software

Device Discovery utility

3rd-party off-the-shelf SNMP program

3rd-party custom HTTP/JSON application

Compatible sensors & accessories

This list also applies to the Room Alert 32S model.

Compatible sensors & accessories
Matching ports on this model

Any AVTECH digital sensor


8 digital ports

Any AVTECH switch sensor

Any 3rd-party device with open/closed dry contacts


16 switch ports

Any AVTECH analog sensor

Any 3rd-party analog sensor that outputs 1 to 5 VDC


2 analog ports


Add up to 8 more analog ports.

Here's how: Put a Digital Temperature & Analog Sensor in each of your device's built-in digital ports

3rd-party low-voltage electrical devices


2 relay output ports


Add up to 2 more relay output ports.

Here's how: Put a Light Tower & Relay Adapter in each of your device's built-in LTA ports.

Then add up to 8 more relay output ports.

Here's how: Put a Relay Switch in each Light Tower & Relay Adapter.


Add up to 2 compatible ports.

Here's how: Put a Light Tower & Relay Adapter in each of your device's built-in LTA ports.

Compatible power adapters

Always use an AVTECH 5V power adapter with your Room Alert. Others will void your warranty and may damage your unit.

Room Alert 32E Standard Package

Package contents


Room Alert 32E environment monitor

+ AVTECH 5V power adapter

+ Ethernet cable (10' or 3.05 m)

+ Rack mount wings (removable, rotatable)

$ 995.00

Digital Temperature & Humidity (25')

free! $95.00

Room Alert Account special upgrade offers

free! $ 105.00 to $ 349.95

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$ 995.00

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Room Alert Account

A Room Alert Account at the Base level is free for all Room Alert customers and never expires.

Special Room Alert Account Upgrade Offers

  • Free 1-year Personal level upgrade with your organization's first Room Alert purchase (after January 1, 2015). A $149.95 value!
  • Free 3-month Professional level upgrade with your first purchase and every future purchase of Room Alert. A $ 105.00 to $ 349.95 value!

Log in to your Room Alert Account or contact your Product Specialist for details.

AVTECH reserves the right to change special offers at any time.

Room Alert 32E Support & Documentation

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User's guide & reference manual

Learn how to navigate and configure your Room Alert’s built-in web interface.

Room Alert FAQs

More questions? Our extensive collection of easy-to-read answers is sure to help.

Limited hardware warranty terms & conditions

tl;dr? In short:

  • Room Alert monitors are covered for 1 year after purchase.
  • External sensors & accessories are covered for 90 days after purchase.

Treat it right

Firmware downloads

Keep your unit’s firmware up-to-date. You’ll have the latest features & fixes for the best experience.

How to update firmware on Room Alert monitors

Refer to this FAQ for step-by-step instructions.

Room Alert 32E firmware release notes

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