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GoToMyDevices is AVTECH's state of the art cloud service that allows users to easily manage and monitor Room Alert temperature and environment conditions, create custom reports for temperature logging or enviroment sensor logging history, receive alert notifications when environment conditions reach extremes, view a map showing environment conditions in remote facilities and much, much more. This powerful service allows access from any browser or mobile device over the web with the same user experience device to device. With no software to install, configure or manage, GoToMyDevices makes it easier than ever to get started monitoring your most important assets.

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Device ManageR

Device ManageR... Included FREE With Every Room Alert

Device ManageR is AVTECH's all-in-one solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing, automatic action and more of AVTECH's IT & facilities environment monitoring products, Axis network cameras and more. Complete with its unique range of features, Device ManageR runs as a Windows Service (for security) and will continuously and automatically discover Room Alert devices network-wide and display multiple units through a single IP address. Multi-user access is available through Device ManageR's web interface, accessible from anywhere.

Device ManageR Screenshots

Plugins for Device ManageR are available to provide expanded functionality to Shutdown, Reboot and/or Log Off Windows systems remotely, Shutdown and/or Reboot Unix/Linux systems remotely, Dial Out by sending text messages via a GSM modem, using a TAP service to send out text messages via a regular modem, dialing a phone directly and playing dial tones or voice, offer Advanced Reporting and more. These plugins, available at no additional cost for customers with GoToMyDevices Professional service, are ideal for use when conditions in a computer room or data center environment turn fatal for computer systems and other expensive IT equipment such as extreme temperature, extreme humidity, main power loss, flood, smoke/fire, security break-ins and other conditions.

Current Software Products & Plugins Include...

GoToMyDevices Service

  • Cloud Solution For Monitoring, Alerting, Logging, Graphing, Maps & More...

Included with Room Alert

Device ManageR Software (Windows)

  • All-In-One Software For Discovery, Management, Monitoring, Alerting, Logging, Graphing & More...

Included with Room Alert

Device ManageR Plugins (Windows, Unix/Linux, Dial Out, Report)

  • Plugins for Shutdown, Reboot, Reporting, Scripting & More.

Included with Professional