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Device ManageR is AVTECH's all-in-one solution for the discovery, management, monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing and more of AVTECH's IT & facilities environment monitoring hardware. It is available for download FREE for customers with a Personal or higher account upgrade.

Product # ADM-MGR-SAS

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Device ManageR is AVTECH's all-in-one solution for the discovery, management, server room temperature monitoring, alerting, logging, graphing, automatic action and more of AVTECH's IT & facilities environment monitoring hardware and Axis network cameras. Complete with its unique range of features, Device ManageR runs as a Windows Service and will continuously and automatically discover Room Alert devices network-wide using an optional UDP broadcast scan and displaying multiple units through a single web interface, accessible from anywhere.

Ideal for managing multiple deployments or single units, AVTECH's Device ManageR software allows users to send alert notifications, take automatic actions to resolve issues, automatically log sensor data in an embedded SQL database for one click export, view graphed data over a user-specified amount of time with the ability to toggle between graph and sensor displays, monitor alert status for multiple units, set monitoring thresholds, set multiple IP addresses, update firmware and more.

Device ManageR includes powerful features that allow users to send alert notifications when issues or events occur across their network. The device manager allows for unlimited alerting of customizable alert and alert clear notifications to individuals and groups, hierarchies, dependencies and scheduling. It also allows for Actions on Alert/Alert clear conditions such as toggling Signal Tower LEDs, Send Web URL requests, sending screenshot images from Axis network cameras and more. All this is possible through a single installation, with no rules and no agents.

Device ManageR greatly enhances the value of AVTECH's product line, making it easier for users with multiple Room Alert devices to monitor and document environment conditions, improve reliability, and decrease unplanned downtime or costly hardware replacement. Device ManageR also provides unlimited discovery of Axis network cameras and acts as a single IP web interface for viewing real-time images for individual, groups or all Axis cameras found across the network.

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Features & Specification For Device ManageR
Host System OS
Windows NT, 2K, XP, 2K3, 2K8, VISTA, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016 (32 & 64-bit)
Automatic Room Alert & TemPageR Discovery
Yes, UDP Broadcast Scan
Automatic AXIS Camera Discovery
Yes, Bonjour Scan
Automatic Logging Of Real-Time Data
Yes, Limited Only By Disk Space
Automatic Data Graphing
Set Multiple IP Addresses
Maximum Room Alert & TemPageR Units Monitored
Unlimited, Single Screen
Update Room Alert & TemPageR Firmware
Yes, Multiple Devices
Export Sensor Data
Yes, Excel or CSU
Easy To Use Graphic Interface
Yes, No Rules, No Agents
Web Browser Interface
Yes, Any Browser Worldwide
View Realtime AXIS Camera Images
Yes, Unlimited
Technical Support through your Room Alert Account
Assigned Product Specialist
Software Distribution