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How To Get The Most Out Of Reports In Tips & Tricks (VIDEO)

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Your Room Alert Account has powerful, eye-catching reporting features that you may use to track trends in your environment. Reports appear on your screen as detailed, easy-to-read graphs that you can manipulate in a number of useful ways.

Choose the color of a sensor on the graph

Slide a common point across the graph

Bold individual lines

Zoom in on time periods (vertically) and sensor values (horizontally)

Move the view up & down, left & right

Add a second y-axis

Export the data

Below is a simple graph that we’ll use to demonstrate these reporting features:


Choose the color of a sensor on the graph

Select the colored circle next to the sensor.

In the dialog box, first move the white bar up or down to select a color. Then move the black circle to select a shade.

Finally select choose.


Slide a common point across the graph

Put your cursor anywhere inside the graph. The graph will pick up the vertical common point of all the graphed sensors and show you their individual readings at that moment.

Slide you cursor back and forth horizontally to see the readings change through time.


Bold individual lines

Put your cursor on one of the lines in the graph. That line will bold.

Move your cursor up and down in the graph to bold different lines.


Zoom in on time periods (vertically) and sensor values (horizontally)

Using your mouse, select sections of the graph the way you select text in a document: left click, hold, highlight and release.

Highlight a vertical section of the graph to zoom in on the time.



Highlight a horizontal section of the graph to zoom in on the values.



To return the view to its original state, double click anywhere in the graph.

Move the view up & down, left & right

While you are in a zoomed view, press Shift on your keyboard while holding down the left button on your mouse.

Drag your mouse back and forth to move the view left and right.

– Original view


– View moved to the left


Drag your mouse up and down to move the view higher and lower.

– View moved up


Add a second y-axis

Select the greater than (>) or less than (<) symbol next to the ‘x’ to move the sensor’s y-axis to the opposite side of the graph.

This tool is helpful when you wish to graph alarm or switch sensor changes, alongside digital sensors.

– View with 1 y-axis 


– View with 2nd y-axis


Export the data

You may export the data from your report to a PDF or CSV file.

To download your data, select the PDF or CSV icon at the top right of the screen.