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Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Firmware v1.1.1 Available Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Firmware v1.1.1 Released 8 September 2016

September 8, 2016

AVTECH Software is pleased to announce that an update to the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi firmware is available for download at

***Please Read The Following Before Updating***

NOTE: AVTECH Device ManageR v6.3.3 or higher or Device Discovery Utility v4.3.1 or higher is required for this update. Please be sure any web browsers currently accessing the unit are closed to be sure all files are updated correctly.

  • Resolved an issue that could cause the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi to not be recognized by GoToMyDevices if the wireless soft AP was disabled
  • Updated the default status page refresh rate to 60 seconds
  • Added an upper limit to the status page refresh rate field
  • Updated sensor-based push triggers to match other Room Alert models. Pushes now occur on:
    • 2 degrees Celsius temperature change
    • 5 %RH humidity change
    • Sensor connect / disconnect