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Home Owner Solutions - Martina's Story  

When she woke in the morning to no hot water, Martina suspected what the problem was: her basement had flooded. Again. One look downstairs told her she was right: six inches of water covering the floor had knocked out the water heater and made a mess of the entire basement.

As she realized she’d have to redo her soggy laundry sitting in the basket at the bottom of the stairs, she knew she had to prevent this from happening all over again. Even worse, she realized treasured family belongings would be lost forever.

The Challenge

  • The basement is an area of the house often ignored and prone to mishaps.
  • Homes can be empty during the day and occupants asleep at night, with no one to notice when something goes wrong.
  • Basements typically don't have the conveniences other parts of the house may have, like network connections.

The Solution

Martina spoke to a Product Specialist at AVTECH, who recommended the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi plus a Flood Sensor w/ 24’ cable as the best fit for her current needs.

  • Wi-Fi allows her to locate the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi in the basement--no wired network connection required, and no long cables running through the house.
  • The 24’ water-sensing flood cable lets the homeowner detect water collecting at any point along its length.
  • The included internal temperature sensor monitors for another common concern in the home: low temperatures that can freeze pipes. Martina decided to add an external Digital Temperature Sensor that allows her to check on 2 areas in the basement.
  • Her Room Alert Account is easily accessible anywhere--and even sends alerts right to her cell phone--so Martina will be ready before any damage can occur. She can monitor her environment while at work, school, vacation--or even asleep!
  • Room Alert’s low price means that protecting her belongings won’t break her bank.

The Kit

Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Flood Sensor w/24' Cable Digital Temperature Sensor (25') Room Alert Account


With AVTECH’s Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi, this homeowner now feels prepared for adverse weather conditions that could otherwise negatively impact how she spends her time and money. She’s added another Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi in her attic for temperature and air flow, and is considering another for power monitoring in her home office.

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