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How To Update Firmware On AVTECH Devices

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You may update the firmware on your Room Alert or TemPageR using AVTECH's Device Discovery utility or Device ManageR software.

Before you begin, download the most recent version of your unit's firmware from your account at It's also best to use the most current version of Device ManageR or Device Discovery, which are available through your account at as well.

- Updating Firmware With AVTECH's Device Discovery Utility

- Updating Firmware With AVTECH's Device ManageR

Updating With AVTECH's Device Discovery Utility

1. Open the Device Discovery utility.  You may find it in your Windows system typically through the default path: C:\Program Files\AVTECH Device Discovery Utility.

2. Select Search. After a moment, your devices will populate the screen.

3. Select the unit you wish to update.

4. Select Update at the top right corner of the screen.

5. When the 'Update Firmware' alert appears, select OK.
6. When the 'Choose Firmware File To Upload' window appears:
- Navigate to the update file on your computer. It will have a .upd extension.
- Select the file, and then select Upload.

7. When the 'Please Review README Before Updating' dialog box appears, select OK.

8. You'll see a 'Progress' box appear, which gives you the option to cancel the update if you wish.

9. Once the firmware file has been uploaded, the 'Please Review Update.log File' dialog box appears.
- You may select Yes if you'd like to view details about the update; otherwise, select No to close the box.

10. Your unit will reboot with its firmware updated.

Updating With AVTECH's Device ManageR

1. Open Device ManageR in your web browser. You may open it by entering 'localhost:8080' or '<IP address of host system>:8080' in your browser's address bar.

2. Your devices will immediately populate the 'Discovered Devices' list to the left.

3. Select the unit you wish to update.

4. Select Update Firmware, which you can find as a link below the unit name in the device list or as a button in the main viewing pane to the right.

5. When the 'Update Firmware' dialog box appears, select Browse.

6. When the file selection window appears:
- Navigate to the update file on your computer. It will have a .upd extension.
- Select the file, and then select Open.

7. The 'Update Firmware' dialog box will now display the name of the update file. Select Update.
8. You'll see a progress bar and information about the status of the update. Once it is complete, you may select Close Window to close the dialog box.

9. Your unit will automatically reboot with its firmware updated.

If you experience an issue during this process, please feel free to contact the Technical Support Team by submitting a support ticket.

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