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How Do I Update The Firmware On My Room Alert Or TemPageR Monitor?

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- Verify that you have either the AVTECH Device Discovery Utility or Device ManageR software installed on a host machine that has network visibility to the Room Alert or TemPageR monitor that is to be updated.
 - Verify that the software being used is the most current version of AVTECH Device Discovery or Device ManageR. The most current versions can be obtained via the 'Downloads' section of for current MSUS subscribers.

Note which firmware version the Room Alert or TemPageR is currently running by checking the monitor's 'Status' page. The monitor's version will be in the top right hand corner.

Click here: and check the left side box for a list of AVTECH's released versions. If your current firmware version is older than the version listed here, please continue by logging in to the 'Downloads' section. (If you do not know your login password or if you are unsure if you  have an account, click the 'Forgot/Reset Password' link and enter your email address. If your email address is not recognized, click the 'Email Request/Inquiry' button and fill in your information. If your email address is recognized but you do not receive an email with your password, check any SPAM filter in place before contacting AVTECH Technical Support.)

Once in the downloads section, navigate to the monitor's section. Save the firmware update file but DO NOT unzip/decompress the file if it arrives as a .zip or .upd file.

DEVICE DISCOVERY UTILITY: Open Device Discovery and click the 'Search' button. 

Select the monitor that is to be updated and click the 'Update' button.


Follow the prompts to specify the location of the Firmware Update file for the monitor and click the 'Upload' button.


DEVICE MANAGER: Open Device ManageR and select the monitor from the Device Status list or click on the unit's information in the middle of the page.

Click the 'Update Firmware' button.

Click 'Browse'.

Select the appropriate file and click 'Open'.

Click the 'Update' button to begin the firmware update process.

When the firmware update process completes, the unit will automatically reboot to apply the update.
If you experience an issue during this process, please feel free to contact the Technical Support Team by submitting a support ticket.

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