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Wireless Temperature Monitoring Examples With Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi

The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is one of our most popular models and allows for wireless temperature monitoring with a wide range of uses. It’s compact size and “plug and play” setup make it a perfect temperature and humidity monitor for locations without a wired network connection. When we first introduced the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi a […]

Room Alert ‘Insider Look’ – Monitoring The Environment Of An AVTECH Data Center

We often talk about different scenarios where Room Alert is able to provide data center monitoring (among many other types of facilities) and help track temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, air flow, and more. Rather than talk in general terms, we wanted to give an exact situation Room Alert is providing data center environment monitoring. […]

AVTECH Announces Release of GoToMyDevices 2.0 Cloud-based environment monitoring software allows for full reporting and alerting for Room Alert

September 20, 2016 Warren, RI – AVTECH Software (AVTECH) is excited to announce the newest release of their cloud-based environment monitoring platform, GoToMyDevices 2.0. GoToMyDevices allows AVTECH customers to monitor and manage their Room Alert devices from anywhere, at any time. GoToMyDevices was first introduced in early 2015 as a way for customers to remotely […]

Wirelessly Monitor Temperature and Humidity at A New Lower Price!

Since launching the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi a few years ago, we’ve seen countless small businesses, consumers, and data centers wirelessly monitor temperature and humidity with Room Alert. Many of our customers actually purchased more than one Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi; because it’s so easy to place within a facility thanks to being wireless, we’ve […]

Environment Causes of Data Center Downtime – A Helpful Graphic

Environment factors account for 27% of all data center outages, and can cause losses of over $300,000 per hour! One of the best and easiest ways to help avoid many of those issues is to keep your data center within the recommended acceptable temperature and humidity ranges. To help better understand those causes of downtime, […]

Custom Alert Messages and Alert Testing in GoToMyDevices

In our last article on the new features in GoToMyDevices, we discussed how alerts can now be sent to multiple recipients through email, SMS, and HTTP Post. In addition to those new options, users can now create custom alert messages in GoToMyDevices, and test them before they’re in full use. Let’s take a deeper look […]

Advanced Alerting and Reporting with GoToMyDevices

Last week we introduced our newest release of GoToMyDevices, which contains a number of enhancements and new features. One of the biggest enhancements is the ability to notify multiple contacts at the same time when an alert is triggered. Not only can you alert multiple users, you can also alert them in multiple ways! To […]

Introducing GoToMyDevices 2.0 – Environment Cloud Monitoring Made Easy

AVTECH is proud to introduce the newest release of our cloud-based monitoring, alerting, and reporting platform, GoToMyDevices 2.0! Room Alert customers in 181 countries have been using GoToMyDevices to set up alerts, monitor conditions, and get reports on trends in their facilities. GoToMyDevices is the best and easiest way to monitor your environment with Room Alert, and […]

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Temperature Monitoring

Cloud-based temperature monitoring should be an important part of an overall monitoring and security plan for any business. Many companies will remotely monitor their networks for intrusion or traffic problems, and will also monitor alarm systems for entrance or after-hours motion. Physical security is definitely a key component for every company’s business continuity plan, but […]

Product Spotlight: Room Alert 32W for Wireless Facility Monitoring

Our last Product Spotlight took an in-depth look at our flagship model, the Room Alert 32E. The Room Alert 32E offers a full suite of advanced monitoring for data centers, cold storage, medical facilities, and so much more. To help augment those larger customers who require wireless facility monitoring, we offer the Room Alert 32W […]

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