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Introducing GoToMyDevices 2.0 – Environment Cloud Monitoring Made Easy

AVTECH is proud to introduce the newest release of our cloud-based monitoring, alerting, and reporting platform, GoToMyDevices 2.0! Room Alert customers in 181 countries have been using GoToMyDevices to set up alerts, monitor conditions, and get reports on trends in their facilities. GoToMyDevices is the best and easiest way to monitor your environment with Room Alert, and […]

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Temperature Monitoring

Cloud-based temperature monitoring should be an important part of an overall monitoring and security plan for any business. Many companies will remotely monitor their networks for intrusion or traffic problems, and will also monitor alarm systems for entrance or after-hours motion. Physical security is definitely a key component for every company’s business continuity plan, but […]

Product Spotlight: Room Alert 32W for Wireless Facility Monitoring

Our last Product Spotlight took an in-depth look at our flagship model, the Room Alert 32E. The Room Alert 32E offers a full suite of advanced monitoring for data centers, cold storage, medical facilities, and so much more. To help augment those larger customers who require wireless facility monitoring, we offer the Room Alert 32W […]

Product Spotlight: Room Alert 32 for Advanced Facility Monitoring

In our last Product Spotlight on the Room Alert 12E, we noted that it shared many of the same advanced facility monitoring features of our flagship model, with a smaller footprint and price point. This week, we’re going to talk about that flagship model, the Room Alert designed to cover nearly any environment or facility […]

Heat Waves and Remote Temperature Monitoring

Much of the Eastern United States is currently undergoing a stretch of extremely hot weather. CNN reports that a current high pressure system called a “heat dome” is leading to excessive heat warnings in 12 states. High temperatures can not only cause serious health problems, it can also cause major problems in data centers, restaurants, […]

Product Spotlight: Protecting Your Assets With The Room Alert 12E

Data centers and many other facilities need reliable environment monitoring to protect their critical assets. We’ve previously looked at a few of our Room Alerts that are great fits for smaller facilities, secondary locations, or hard to reach places. This week, we’re going to move up the chain to the Room Alert 12E; this Room […]

An Updated Look at Recommended Data Center Temperature and Humidity

In late 2005, we published an article outlining recommended data center temperature and humidity levels. Over the years, that article has been one of our most popular pages and has helped thousands of customers establish, monitor and maintain appropriate data center environment conditions. Since that article was written, ASHRAE has updated its recommendations for data center […]

Product Spotlight: Room Alert 4E for Environment Monitoring

In our last Product Spotlight, we focused on our Room Alert 3E, which is our smallest and most economical model. Its small size and affordable price makes it easy to deploy many Room Alert 3E units in all the hard to reach places in your facility. Today we’ll look at the Room Alert 4E, the […]

Managed Firewalls and Managed Environment Monitoring with Room Alert

Many businesses recognize the importance of managed network security. Companies and outside IT firms are constantly monitoring their networks and data centers for intrusion or potential issues that could cause data loss or business disruption. While guarding the network against intrusion is a solid step towards protecting uptime, how many companies are making sure all […]

Product Spotlight: Room Alert 3E for Temperature and Environment Monitoring

All of our Room Alert models provide a wide range of monitoring capabilities for our customers when it comes to temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke and more. Some end users will place a larger model such as the Room Alert 12ER in a facility, and equip it with a number of our external sensors. When […]

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