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An Introduction to UV Light Sanitation & Our Room Alert Mobile UV System Years of scientific research has demonstrated the effectiveness of using UV light to sanitize and disinfect the air and surfaces to keep people and communities safe. We wanted to put our own Room Alert Mobile UV System through rigorous testing to demonstrate […]

As we look forward to entering the new year, it becomes obvious that the biggest value in 2020 is to learn from it. Here are some factors your business should consider as you look to return to the office and plan for 2021.   Don’t let your organization lose revenue and productivity due to an unexpected […]

Introducing Room Alert Manager We are excited to announce that our new Room Alert Manager software has officially launched!  Earlier this year, we announced the development of the Room Alert Manager monitoring platform as our next-gen local monitoring software platform. For many years, Device ManageR was our primary software for local Room Alert alerting, reporting, […]

We recently launched a new and exciting free tool on our website – our interactive Downtime Calculator! Downtime is any period of time where routine business is stopped or interrupted. This can occur due to a wide range of unforeseen circumstances that threaten usual business operations. Downtime can come from environmental issues, cybersecurity threats, hardware […]

Businesses and organizations continue to learn the importance of Business Continuity. Business Continuity is absolutely crucial to a business’s long-term resilience. Among many other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded all of us how important it is to invest in preventative tools and proactive planning as part of a comprehensive Business Continuity Checklist. With proper […]

Are you a small business working hard to survive in today’s fast-paced and competitive market? If so, you most likely could benefit greatly from applying for funds and resources that are available to you. Even with great products, great ideas and a great team, small businesses can still have a tough time succeeding for many […]

Last year we wrote an article for National Cybersecurity Awareness month to detail some of the ways that we demonstrate an understanding of Cybersecurity Awareness all year long here at AVTECH, both to keep our company safe internally as well as our customers safe. We believe that cybersecurity is crucial for all organizations because without […]

We are excited to announce that starting on October 1, 2020, all Room Alert orders will come standard with 90 Days of FREE Professional tier Room Alert Account service. New customers will also receive 1 FREE full year of Personal tier Room Alert Account access with their purchase.  Professional tier Room Alert Account access is […]

Earlier this year, we discussed how we will soon be launching Room Alert Manager. Room Alert Manager is introducing a whole new enhanced software platform which includes several new features for improved user experience. Our engineering team has started from scratch, working very hard to keep what our Room Alert users have loved about Device […]

Room Alert UV Technology Fights Health & Safety Threats As we discussed in our previous article, UV light has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective for sanitizing and disinfecting air and surfaces. The technology behind UV light helps make shared and public spaces safer for everyone to experience, which has become especially important during […]

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