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AVTECH recently hosted an after-hours event together with CommerceRI and Bryant University at our offices in the historic Cutler Mill in Warren, RI. The event served to celebrate business growth here in Rhode Island, and we had the pleasure of networking with a wide range of business owners and elected officials that evening. Many of the businesses […]

Data center environment monitoring has been a core focus of ours for nearly 30 years. Room Alert and our sensors & software are designed to monitor, log, alert, and report on a wide number of environment factors that can cause downtime and damage in your data center (or nearly any other type of facility). Monitoring […]

Many organizations are using Room Alert to monitor temperature and humidity in their facilities worldwide. When you monitor both temperature and humidity, Room Alert is able to calculate heat index, and beginning this month, Room Alert will also be able to provide dew point values to users as well. Knowing the relative humidity in your […]

This week it was announced that a new IoT botnet malware called Reaper was spreading quickly around the internet, infecting over one million devices in a short period of time. What makes this botnet concerning is how sophisticated it is. Unlike the Mirai botnet which used default device passwords to spread, Reaper has the ability […]

For most organizations, the server room or data center is the lifeblood of their operations. It hosts their servers, network equipment, backup hardware, databases, and sometimes even the phone system as well. If the room overheats due to HVAC failure, it could very well cripple the organization indefinitely. Unfortunately, we receive calls almost daily from […]

Room Alert was designed for easy installation, and our users have reported that they were able to begin monitoring environment conditions within a matter of minutes after taking their Room Alert out of its box. All Room Alerts have built in temperature, and some of our larger units have built-in humidity monitoring as well. We […]

Individuals and organizations alike rely on data centers to be up and running 24x7x365. With the emergence of cloud-based technologies, data center infrastructure and uptime has become a prominent factor when it comes to internet-based tools. As a result, business continuity factors for data centers have become increasingly important, and downtime prevention is more critical […]

Recent inclement weather events including hurricanes, extreme weather, and strong storms have caused a surge in interest in flood sensors. Organizations looking to install flood sensors to protect their facility are located everywhere, not just in locations that have unfortunately been hit with weather that has caused flooding. Seeing the damage and recovery being undertaken […]

This year’s hurricane season has proven to be very impactful in the United States and beyond, with both Harvey and Irma leaving widespread damage recently in Texas, Florida and the Carribean. Heavy winds and flooding have caused power loss and property damage for millions of people. Now, Hurricane Jose is headed towards the northeast as […]

Room Alert is a worldwide leader when it comes to environment monitoring and protecting important facilities and assets. It’s trusted in data centers and facilities in 185 countries to monitor temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, motion and more to help prevent downtime and data loss. After almost 30 years in business, monitoring for temperature extremes […]

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