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September is National Food Safety Month, and a good time for all restaurants and food storage facilities to review their temperature monitoring in their freezers and refrigerators. We have a wide range of users in the food industry who base much of their temperature monitoring around Room Alert and our sensors. Room Alert has proven to […]

Many smaller organizations that don’t have the space or budget for their own data center will opt to host their servers with a colocation provider. This helps them keep their servers in a reliable data center facility at a lower cost than providing their own local power, cooling, and bandwidth. The lower cost of using […]

Last week we introduced our new Active Power Sensor, which provides the power status of nearly any AC-powered electrical device, along with a temperature reading. It’s small size and price-point make it unmatched when it comes to environment monitoring sensors. We developed the Active Power Sensor primarily for the data center and IT services markets, […]

We’re thrilled and excited to announce the release of our latest product, the patent-pending Active Power Sensor! The Active Power Sensor provides instant notification of power status to any AC-powered electric device with power use from 100 Watts to 1800 Watts. You can simply strap the Active Power Sensor to any power cord to begin […]

Data center environment monitoring should be a major factor in your organization’s business continuity plan. As part of that proactive monitoring, automatic corrective action should be a key component to help keep your data center up and running, and to quickly recover from issues when they are detected. Automatic corrective action can go a long […]

The latter half of the summer always tends to bring the threat of severe weather with it. Heat waves, humidity, severe storms and hurricanes, and unexpected weather changes can all have an impact on your business. Heat Waves In the past few months, we’ve seen heat waves set new records in locations all over the […]

One of the questions our Product Specialists are often asked by new customers is if Room Alert can be monitored with their existing SNMP tools. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is widely used by many organizations to monitor everything from routers and switches, to servers and desktops, to printers and cameras and everything in between… […]

Data center monitoring has become an entire industry on its own over the last 20 years. Uptime, performance, and reliability are all critical to data centers, whether it’s a small local server room or a large multi-tenant facility. Any number of environment factors can spell disaster for data centers and facilities, however temperature will always […]

We have some exciting news to share with our customers and partners. AVTECH was announced as a finalist for the Interise “Best Place to Work” award for 2017! This is a very prestigious honor for all of us at AVTECH. To be recognized among businesses nationwide as a best place to work speaks to our […]

We continue to experience record growth at AVTECH, with many new customers choosing Room Alert to protect their most important facilities at assets in locations all over the world. We’re proud to say that Room Alert is now in use in 184 out of 196 countries, and we are adding new organizations of all sizes […]