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Room Alert has been awarded the Corporate Vision Magazine “Best In Environment Monitoring Solutions” 2020 Award. We’re very thankful for the hard work and commitment of our AVTECH team for developing and perfecting the best proactive environment monitoring products for preventing downtime in data centers, medical labs, residential spaces, warehouses and more.  This award and […]

A number of customers have been asking us about Device ManageR and what our plan is for future updates and new releases. With support for Flash ending later this year, it’s important for us to share the news of our development of the new Room Alert Manager. This new platform is being developed from the ground up to take what our customers love most about Device ManageR, and improve on it […]

Our Room Alert Account services, such as commenting on alerts, help you and your entire organization maintain an open line of communication to problem-solve when there are changes in the environment within your facilities. These features are especially beneficial when you’re short-staffed, working remotely, communicating among a large group of people and so much more. […]

Why Do Investment Properties Need Environment Monitoring? Proactive environment monitoring is an extremely important investment for businesses, facilities and other organizations because environmental downtime and damages can lead to upset customers, the potential for employee injury, costly repairs and possibly bankruptcy.   Environment monitoring is truly essential for any environment that needs to be monitored for […]

The time to think about business continuity, disaster recovery and risk management was yesterday. Now more than ever, it’s important for the success of any business, no matter what size, to have a clear and concise business continuity plan in place to prevent downtime and minimize damage. By having effective procedures in place, you help […]

Room Alert’s proactive and advanced environment monitoring is a critical piece of a strong and comprehensive business continuity plan for all environment concerns. We know that water damage is 10x more likely to occur than fire damage, so having procedures in place to prevent and minimize flooding, mold and water damage is especially important. Room […]

Right now many organizations are revisiting their business continuity and disaster recovery plans so they can be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances in the future. One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen for many businesses is moving their entire workforce to work remotely in an effort to comply with social distancing. Unfortunately, with so much […]

Like many other businesses around the world, COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding it has pushed us to internally revisit our business continuity plans because our top goal is always to support our Room Alert users as best as we possibly can. Now 78% of the entire AVTECH team is working remotely. Given the massive transition […]

Unexpected environment-related downtime for many organizations can prove to be costly. If your network and data aren’t available, your staff can’t be productive. If your customers can’t use the services they’re paying for, you stand to lose precious revenue. If your warehouse becomes too humid, products can become moldy and unusable. Installing environment monitors as […]

Career Edge Organization founded National Internship Awareness Month to celebrate the benefits of internships and the opportunities they provide to students which lead to highly qualified professionals after graduation.  Here at AVTECH, we are very excited that April is National Internship Awareness month. We show our support for student workers and celebrate internship awareness by […]