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AVTECH Software has been named a 2019 infoTech Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award Winner. We are so incredibly proud of our dedicated team for providing data centers, server rooms and other IT facilities with Room Alert, the most advanced and secure proactive environment monitoring products available. We are thrilled AVTECH is once again acknowledged as […]

Every year, hot summer weather puts a strain on sensitive electronics and facility air conditioning systems. While those of us living in the northern hemisphere are still in the middle of winter and experiencing cold temperatures, snow, ice and more, other parts of the world in the southern hemisphere like Argentina, New Zealand and South […]

AVTECH Software is thrilled to introduce the Room Alert 32S, our newest and most secure Room Alert device for Advanced Proactive Environment Monitoring, Alerting and Automatic Corrective Action. We took all the incredible features from our successful Room Alert 32E and expanded with a targeted focus on security and secure connections. The Room Alert 32S […]

Our Room Entry Sensor paired with our proactive environment Room Alert monitors can be used in a number of useful and unique contexts that you may have never considered before. The Room Entry Sensor was designed to provide real-time recognition of doors or cabinets being open. The two pieces were strategically engineered for one piece […]

Have You Looked Up In Your Server Room? Many IT managers and other IT staff who work in server rooms on the 2nd or 3rd floors of buildings never consider flooding or water damage as a serious threat to their facility. In fact, many assume they never need to worry about water damage when their […]

Today is National Technology Day, which is dedicated to understanding the development of technology and how it has changed the world from the first computer to today’s smartphones and artificial intelligence (AI). In 2020, technology heavily shapes every single person’s daily life and will continue to advance and influence our future as a society. All […]

AVTECH held its annual holiday networking event on Thursday, December 5 2019. Staff and guests helped to support the Rhode Island Community Food Bank by bringing items to be donated to local food pantries.  Entertainment was provided by Caesar, who performed some of Nat “King” Cole’s greatest hits along with traditional holiday tunes, accompanied by […]

AVTECH is proud to announce the iBoot IO, the easiest and safest way to turn external electrical devices on and off from Room Alert. The iBoot IO is perfectly designed to pair with our Room Alert monitors as it allows users to easily, quickly and safely turn the power on or off based on alerts […]

Winter weather is in full force for many living in the northern hemisphere. This brings inclement weather challenges due to extreme cold, storms, freezing rain, sleet, snow, ice, high winds and more. Despite most of us being familiar with this routine, many people don’t revisit their business continuity plans with the changes of the seasons […]

How Is Room Alert Different? Out of all of the incredible benefits that set Room Alert apart from other environment monitoring systems, our customizable Room Alert Account Service is among the most useful capabilities that give Room Alert a competitive edge. When people find themselves weighing the pros and cons of the various environment monitoring […]