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Mold damage can sneak up on you very quickly. Many of the conditions for mold damage exist year-round, however when seasonal weather introduces humidity and moisture to the equation, mold can quickly grow and become a problem. It’s times like these that monitoring environment conditions becomes very important, as it’s more than just one factor […]

Your organization most likely has measures in place to help maintain your uptime. This is often contained within your business continuity plan, which should define the ways you are protecting your business against unexpected downtime. Your data is hopefully being backed up offsite, you have a firewall to protect your network, and you have documentation […]

The WannaCry ransomware virus has unfortunately made headlines over the past few weeks due to how quickly it spread, and how many companies it has affected. The latest statistics show that it has infected organizations in over 150 countries at this point in time. As a result, many anti-virus software packages have updated their definitions […]

The hurricane season in 2016 was one of the worst on record. 80% of named storms made landfall in the Atlantic basin, causing flooding and widespread damage in many countries, including Haiti, Mexico, and the United States. Thankfully the 2017 hurricane season is forecast to be less busy, with fewer large storms thanks to an […]

Customers who install Room Alert  are usually most interested in monitoring temperatures in their facilities, based on the questions our Product Specialists are usually asked during an initial call from a new user. It remains the top environment factor most customers are initially concerned with. Temperature is a critical environment factor to monitor regardless of […]

Room Alert is an environment monitoring worldwide leader, helping protect organizations in 184 countries from downtime caused by temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke, motion, and more. In addition to helping prevent downtime, Room Alert is also perfect for situations where organizations also need to log environment data for industry requirements such as temperature or relative humidity. […]

No IT manager wants to get that early morning text on a Monday notifying them that employees can’t access their data for inventory, stock, payroll, you name it. Crashed servers usually end up being the culprit, and the realization that things are about to get worse usually comes as soon as the data center or […]

Room Alert is the world’s leading environment monitor for a reason – it monitors across the whole spectrum of factors that could potentially cause damages or downtime for your organization. It does this through both internal sensors, as well as a wide range of external sensors that have been designed to work with all our […]

Over the past 10 years, many businesses have made a push to store their data in the cloud. Costs have dropped, while availability and reliability have increased. However, there are still many organizations that maintain their own local data center to house critical data and equipment. For those businesses, disaster recovery becomes a primary concern […]

Maintaining your organization’s uptime is an activity that never ends. Network monitoring along with your environment monitoring are tasks that are continually taking place. This is especially true when those emergencies occur at 2AM on a Sunday morning… and even though you’re woken up from a sound slumber, you’re thankful that you were alerted to […]