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The beauty industry can especially benefit from environment monitoring products like Room Alert.  Some skincare and makeup products are specifically formulated with active ingredients that are most effective when stored at cool temperatures. With Room Alert’s real-time updates, you can maintain the conditions of your space to fit in a temperature range that preserves the […]

Warehouses have to remain aware of various environmental conditions to help maintain proper storage of their products and equipment. Warehouses store millions of dollars worth of products and it’s critical to keep them protected against damage. Environmental monitoring provides users with updates in real-time on any changes that occur from anywhere, at any time.  Installing […]

Public four-year colleges in the United States spend an average of $14,000 per year per student investing in resources for faculty, staff, and students. Many schools utilize expensive equipment to improve the overall college experience, but what happens when a power outage leaves thousands of students without lights, electricity, and Internet service? Unexpected environmental disasters […]

The AVTECH team gathered together this past weekend to celebrate a strong and successful 2019 so far! We have a number of upcoming releases our team has been working on, so the cookout was a fantastic (and fun!) way to get together to recognize everyone’s hard work. It’s always enjoyable to see everyone’s families get […]

This article orginally appeared on the KHTS website. The original article can be found by clicking this link. The City of Santa Clarita has partnered with a software company to implement a pilot program designed to monitor traffic signal and crossing gate status in an effort to improve commute times, officials said. Officials with the […]

This article was originally published by AVTECH President & COO Richard Grundy on LinkedIn Pulse. The original article can be found by following this link. We lost power last night. This may not seem that unusual for some people. In fact, just a day earlier, a large section of Manhattan was plunged into a blackout, and […]

Recent news from the NOAA about rainfall and coastal tide changes has shown the importance of water leak / flood monitoring to help protect against water leak damage. Nearly every building has smoke and fire alarms to protect against fire and smoke damages, however many buildings don’t also install proactive water leak detection. Based on […]

Summer is the perfect time for vacations. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and vacation package savings abound. Many organizations will find themselves slightly short-staffed for roughly three months as their employees take some well-deserved time off, or they shut down entirely for a few weeks for a “summer break”. When […]

A prolonged heat wave can be disastrous for your business. Environmental conditions can lead to health concerns for your employees, reduced office productivity due to the heat, and power outages due to overworked power grids can lead to server failure, hard drive crashes, and data loss. Heat waves occur all over the globe and regardless […]

One of the best features of our Room Alert environment monitors is the ability to manage them from anywhere in the world thanks to our Room Alert Account. Users can see alerts, reports, graphs, maps and more from any Internet-connected device, allowing them to have an up-to-date overview of all the Room Alerts installed in […]