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Last week we introduced our brand new, patent-pending Monitor360 technology that’s now available to users on the Professional level and higher in our Room Alert Account service. This week, we wanted to discuss a few other new features that we’ve introduced to help Room Alert users better monitor their environments and respond when they’re alerted to […]

Last month we announced our new lifetime subscriptions for our Room Alert Account service. This month, we have an even BIGGER announcement – we’re introducing our new patent-pending Monitor360 technology that’s now available at for Room Alert Account users on the Professional and Enterprise tiers! What is Monitor360TM? Monitor360 is a patent-pending technology that provides […]

Keeping working and living environments comfortable are key issues for employers and organizations that supply housing, such as colleges and medical facilities. Many newer buildings under construction are implementing smart building and IoT technology to help monitor and regulate the environment, while older facilities are beginning to implement it to improve building comfort. Room Alert […]

The European Union recently enacted extremely stringent data privacy rules with the introduction of GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation). These rules, recognized as some of the strictest in the world, focus on the personal data protection and privacy for anyone who lives within the EU. Any organization that stores personal data or contact information for […]

A prolonged heat wave can be a problem for your organization. It’s important that your employees stay cool and well hydrated, and your facilities need to be protected as well. High heat and humidity can cause damage to sensitive equipment, and power outages have the potential to short out that same equipment and cause data […]

The 2017 hurricane season was record breaking, and not in a good way. September 2017 was the busiest month of hurricane activity on record, and some areas were physically changed forever due to the violent impact of the storms in 2017. As of right now, the coming hurricane season is predicted to have above-average activity, […]

Being alerted to a possible environment problem that can cause damages or downtime is the primary reason why organizations in 186 of 196 countries have installed Room Alert. Protecting data centers, facilities, and critical assets is crucial to every organization’s business continuity plan. Room Alert users have multiple options they can choose from (or use […]

Imagine this… It’s 4AM. Your cell phone begins chirping madly at your bedside, waking you quickly. When you pick up your phone, you see that your screen is filled with text notifications from the Room Alert environment monitor in your data canter. The Flood Sensor w/Cable connected to your Room Alert has detected water and […]

Since 2018 marks our 30th year in business, we wanted to continue the celebration with a special, one of a kind promotion. From May 14, 2018 through June 30, 2018 every single Room Alert monitor, sensor, and accessory in the AVTECH Catalog will be available as part of a limited time “Buy 3, Get 1 […]

By Frederick Baehner, Publisher, IBNewsmag It isn’t often that a small to medium-sized exporter (SME) has distributors/resellers that come to them, but it happened to Warren, Rhode Island-based, AVTECH, a manufacturer and world-wide exporter of Room Alert environmental monitors, sensors and accessories. As AVTECH President Richard Grundy explains, “At the time Room Alert was released, […]