Accessories… Optimize AVTECH's Environment Monitors To Meet Your Needs

Room Alert is used across an extremely wide range of different environments. Although we often speak of computer rooms and data centers as our primary market, and that remains true for almost 25 years now, the reality is that people have installed AVTECH products in all sorts of conditions. AVTECH products are installed in museums, hospitals, kennels, residences, satellites, spacecrafts, jets, submarines, mines, ships, rockets, greenhouses, grow facilities, cell towers, blood mobiles, cold storage, restaurants, digital signage, hotel rooms, casino security and many other application venues.

Even if the monitoring objects are similar for most of our valued customers, the installation requirements may not be. The accessory products below allow you to customize your installation with mounting brackets, voice or GSM modems, PoE adapters, light towers, relay switch sensors, power adapters for any country or plug type, extended cables and more.

If assistance is needed to help meet your installation requirements, please contact us. Remember, we're here to help you. What's most important is that you move forward now because disasters don't wait until you are prepared, they often occur when you least expect it.

$ 45.00

$ 195.00

$ 70.00

Light Tower w/Audio

  • Three Light Tower Enables Visual & Audible Alerting...

$ 285.00

$ 65.00

$ 35.00

$ 12.00

$ 20.00

$ 18.00

$ 22.00

$ 10.00

$ 8.00