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Power Control & Management Products

Increase your uptime and reliability with Power Management accessories from AVTECH. Our iBoot line of UL-listed products offer several features that allow you to automatically and remotely manage devices and hardware when an environmental alert triggers specific conditions of your choice.

The iBoot IO will toggle nearly any electronic device on/off in response to conditions your Room Alert monitor triggers an alert on. For example, a high heat alert can trigger a backup HVAC unit to turn on, or a water leak alert can trigger a sump pump to engage even before you or your staff arrive onsite to take action.

The iBoot G2S can automatically reboot devices in response to alerts triggered by your Room Alert monitors, or the power status of the device connected to the iBoot G2S. Easily power cycle devices, especially those in remote or unmanned locations with the iBoot G2S to increase availability and reliability.

iBoot IO

  • Automatically turn AC-powered devices on or off from Room Alert relay outputs. UL listed and approved.

$ 155.00

iBoot G2S

  • Automatically power-cycle AC powered devices when pings fail or they stop responding. UL listed and approved standalone ethernet device.

$ 295.00

Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships worldwide from our locations in the US and EU, and has been protecting facilities since 1988.