About AVTECH Software

Room Alert protects your people, property, and productivity to provide Peace of Mind.

Established in 1988, AVTECH Software, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative environmental monitoring solutions. We specialize in developing cutting-edge Room Alert monitors, sensors, software, and accessories that help organizations across the globe safeguard their critical facilities, assets, and data.

With over three decades of experience, AVTECH has consistently been at the forefront of the industry, providing reliable and advanced monitoring solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the field of environmental monitoring.

At AVTECH, we understand the vital importance of maintaining optimal environmental conditions in critical spaces. Whether it's a server room, data center, laboratory, cold storage, warehouse, or any other facility, even the slightest fluctuations in temperature, humidity, heat index, power, flood, or other environmental factors can lead to severe consequences such as equipment failure, data loss, employee illness, or costly downtime.

Room Alert monitors and sensors continuously measure and report real-time data about environmental conditions, enabling you to take prompt action and mitigate potential risks. We fully control our supply chain for Room Alert monitors and sensors, having acquired our manufacturing division Mirian Solutions in 2019. This allows us to provide enterprise class hardware at extremely competitive pricing, while also ensuring we maintain the strictest quality control over our products.

Our products and services are trusted by over 150,000 users located in over 185 countries, including Fortune 500 companies, government entities, military, banking, education, and small businesses. (View Sample Customers)

Room Alert is available directly through our website as well as other popular online retailers, or you can choose to purchase from your favorite reseller. Orders placed directly from AVTECH before 3pm EST ship the same day from our facilities in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Shannon, Ireland. We strive to deliver top-notch products backed by exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to assist you with installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and any other inquiries you may have.

Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships worldwide from our locations in the US and EU, and has been protecting facilities since 1988.