AVTECH products have been popular since 1988 and the dedicated team at AVTECH wish to thank all of our value customers for their business and support. There are few things more satisfying than knowing people enjoy using our products and that they appreciate our efforts to provide the best service possible. Knowing that people find Room Alert, Room Alert Account, and Room Alert Manager to be of high value in their daily work is one of the motivational factors that keeps our team looking forward.

We hope that if you are not already using Room Alert, Room Alert Account, and Room Alert Manager that you will consider doing so in the near future. We believe that you will find them easy to use, reliable, affordable and of great value to your organization. With over 150,000 end user customers across 185 countries, we hear from people every day about how our products helped to avert disasters, save money by protecting valuable equipment, or reduced downtime by enabling people to respond quickly when problems develop.

Many people to tell us they recovered the cost of our products the very first time they were alerted about a pending or developing disaster. Here is what just a few people had to say about AVTECH products:

“I have been very pleased with Room Alert's performance and have recommended them to several consultants that I work with. We are in the process of building a new office and I intend to install an additional unit there as well.”

Jordan C., New York, NY

“Room Alert 3E is brilliant, and exactly what I've been looking for for years... I know people like myself that are network/tech savvy, but not mechanically savvy that have been waiting for one of these to do some home automation/monitoring for years. This will allow home automation projects to be off the ground quickly.”

Matthew C., Boston, MA

“Love your product - easy to learn, easy to use. I have never done SNMP monitoring before but I had it working in about 20 minutes with a product not in your MIB database. You guys rock!”

Kirk W., Signal Hill, CA

“I am glad to say that everything works well and even better than my expectation. Just want to thank you for a brilliant product and even better service. It feels good to work with a supplier that cares for their customers! I would recommend you to anybody that requires a product like this.”

Ewald N., Midrand, South Africa

“Your service level is OUTSTANDING! I am impressed with AVTECH and will recommend you to my peers.”

Russel R., Albany, OR

“Again, I confirm that we made the right choice in going with Room Alert and AVTECH. Thank you.”

Linus G., Aventura, FL

“The Room Alert 3E is a killer! Great product, great price!”

Avi S., Netanya, Israel

“I heartily recommend the AVTECH units. They are a great company to deal with; reasonably priced; amazing software; great support. You can set escalating levels of alert. Why shouldn't facilities staff get woken up first when the temp goes up?”

Lim E., Los Angeles, CA

“With Room Alert's wireless capability, I'm able to monitor up to 80 sensors without running miles of cable. That saves a lot of time.”

Henry H., Tucson, AR

“Thank you. You guys are the most efficient company that I've run across. Quite impressive!”

Evan F., Narbeth, PA

“Your monitors are working great... You make me look like a real pro.”

Billy M., Tucson, AZ

“Thanks... You've exceeded my expectations! Your products are less than half the cost, have more inputs, and a much nicer web interface.”

Brian P., Brandon, MN

“These little red [Room Alert] boxes are probably the best money I have ever spent!”

Jeff H., Hamilton, ON

“Your tech support advice worked great. Thank you so much for your quick response.”

Nathan B., San Diego, CA

“I bought your Room Alert products at my previous company and am recommending your Room Alert products again.”

Terry C., Grapevine, TX

“Thanks, works great, already saved me once when the AC unit went down in my server room.”

Serguei N., Miami Beach, FL

“Units are working well; already caught issues a couple of times this summer. Thank you.”

Richard C., Surrey, BC

“Room Alert is working like a champ! I will be contacting you in the next month or two at the latest to setup another order.”

Jose L., Tampa, FL

“Works great!”

Joel B., Bellevue, NE

“Everything is working great. Thanks.”

Mike K., Frederick, MD

“Room Alert is working great and as advertised.”

Larry M., Tallahassee, FL

“My Room Alert is working just great. Fantastic device!”

Paul B., Watertown, MA

“Room Alert is working great. We are using it to monitor inside and outside temp/humidity at a cigar factory in Nicaragua. Set up was easy enough that I had no problem explaining how to do it on Yahoo Chat to someone who knows very little English. So far I would have to say that Room Alert is a great product, priced reasonable, and easy setup. I will recommend one of these to everyone I know who might be looking for a similar monitoring system.”

Bob B., Ironwood, MI

“Room Alert is performing very well.”

Charlie U., Syracuse, NY

“Room Alert is functioning just fine. It has saved our servers on at least two occasions when our dedicated A/C unit kicked off over the weekend.”

Neil H., Newburgh, IN

“Room Alert is working great.”

Kevin K., West Dundee, IL

“The [Room Alert] system is up and working great.”

Tim B., Denver, CO

“Room Alert is working great. It has saved us twice since we put it in. The computer room A/C is particularly sensitive to momentary outages.”

Jeff J., Irving, IL

“Room Alert is working great. Thanks!”

Jared P., Columbus, OH

“Thank you, everything is running great and the monitors do exactly what I needed.”

Vernon M., Jacksonville, FL

“Our Room Alert has absolutely saved us. We have had multiple power failures and/or AC failures and would not have known about them and been able to protect our equipment without it. We are so happy with the product.”

Richard G., Woodland, CA

“Room Alert - it's a beautiful thing.”

Jacob P., Largo, FL

“We have installed the [Room Alert] 32W and it is working great. I could not however label the wireless sensors. I called support and the lady said she would email me a file that would fix that. It did. You have great technical support.”

Robert H., Anderson, SC

“Your Units Work Great!”

Janko T., Ljubljana, Slovenia

“For the record the service that I experience from your site and company was fantastic - I used it as an example of a desirable customer experience state for a problem that I'm having in my own company. Kudos.”

David B., Georgetown, ON

“We have been very impressed with the capabilities of these tools. We have purchased a number of products and are leaning towards outfitting our entire building, not only data closets but also electric rooms.”

Jessie H., Ignacio, CO

“If you were wondering how did I learn about you, it was very simple. I typed in Google, 'Remote Temperature Monitor' and it displayed over 5000 sites; after checking three, you were the best.”

Alberto C., Paramus, NJ

“Thanks for your fast response!”

Jean R., San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Wow, that was quick delivery, thanks!”

Jeremy H., Houston, TX

“Thanks for getting this sent out so quickly.”

Terry P., Fargo, CA

“Thank you. You guys are so efficient!”

Mei L., Cupertino, CA

“We received the Room Alerts yesterday and they are working great!”

Ray L., Des Moines, IA

“Wow that was fast - thanks guys!!!”

Lisa L., Y, Riverside

“Thanks and the phone call is spot on customer service. It's a pleasure doing business.”

Michael S., Pickerington, OH

“Thank you for the prompt shipment and superb support in our purchase of the Room Alert sensor alarm. We are looking forward to a wonderful working relationship with you. ”

Carlos R., Kansas Cit, Y

“You guys rock! I love the fast service.”

Mike A., Newark, NJ

“I appreciate the effort to get Room Alert to us right away.”

Perdo R., Naples, FL

“We saw the press release for the new Room Alert 3E. Amazing!! In our next order we will order some samples so we can see it and test it.”

Dimitris B., Athens, Greece

“We use the Room Alert 11E rack mount version. Works great!”

Phillip M., Mount Hope, NJ

“I also suggest the Room Alert system from AVTECH. Low cost and it can alert via email or SMS.”

Gary J., Indianapolis, IN

“After reviewing all options I am gonna go with the AVTECH monitor, as it does EXACTLY what I am looking for and for less than $200 it is a no brainer. Hopefully the performance will be as good as it sounds. Thanks again.”

Carlos R., Houston, TX

“The good thing about the AVTECH monitor is that it is standalone, you just need a network connection and power.”

Lim E., Los Angeles, CA

“You have a great team and I really appreciate working with a vendor that is willing to help meet 11th hour goals when things pop-up unexpectedly.”

Paul P., Boston, MA


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Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships worldwide from our locations in the US and EU, and has been protecting facilities since 1988.