Why Choose AVTECH & Room Alert

Every data center, server room, warehouse, cold storage, laboratory, classroom, or any other type of critical facility needs to be protected against outages and potential data/asset loss resulting from environment factors.

Your organization has a number of options available to you for environment monitoring through various methods and devices. We firmly believe that AVTECH’s Room Alert offers all of the qualities, options, and features required to help keep you protected. Users in over 180 countries made the choice to rely on Room Alert for their proactive environment monitoring.

So, why should you choose AVTECH and Room Alert?

  • 35+ years of industry experience
  • AVTECH has been helping clients with monitoring needs since 1988. Our staff’s wealth of experience has helped us to develop environment monitors, sensors, accessories, and software that can fill any need, in any situation, for every budget.

    We’ve harnessed that experience and focus it on offering the best products and software that we can. All of our Room Alert models are developed in house; likewise for our two monitoring platforms, Room Alert Manager and Room Alert Account dashboard, as well as our Room Alert mobile app. AVTECH employees all have a hand in fully developing and supporting every single product we offer to our users.

  • Developed, built, and supported in the USA with worldwide reach
  • We take part in every step of the design and manufacturing process, and everything we provide is made in the USA. Making all of our products in the USA ensures that we don’t have shipping delays due to overseas transit, or potentially run into issues that involve lengthy travel delays to resolve. We provide same day shipping on products ordered before 3pm EST.

    All our employees are based in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, and we have an additional sales office supporting international customers in Dubai, along with an international shipping facility in Shannon, Ireland that helps us reach our customers in over 185 countries worldwide. Emails are responded to quickly, and we pride ourselves on not having a support holding queue for users that call us with questions. We strive to provide the personal touch with all our customers, regardless of their issue, and not outsourcing any parts of our business plays a large role in that.

  • Room Alert PRO offers the most secure monitoring available
  • Our Room Alert PRO line features the security, encryption protocols and data privacy features that customers require to help keep their networks and data secure. All Room Alert PRO monitors offer HTTPS, TLS/SSL, SNMP v3, 2048-bit encryption and more to help protect your facility and your data.

    Room Alert PRO monitors can be found protecting some of the most secure banking, finance, military and government customers around the world. You can trust AVTECH and Room Alert PRO to keep you, your facility, your employees, and your data safe.

  • Leading-edge software and monitoring platforms included
  • Our Room Alert monitors are fully compliant with many of the leading SNMP monitoring platforms used across organizations worldwide. However, for users that don’t use or need those larger software packages, we provide options to use both our local Room Alert Manager software and our Room Alert Account platform.

    Room Alert Manager lets users fully monitor and manage their Room Alert monitors locally, in addition to providing a wealth of reporting and automation features. The Room Alert Account platform, which features our patented Monitor360 technology, provides users with the ability to set alerts, view monitor logs and reports via web browser, and even correspond with team members on open alerts directly from any internet-connected device.

  • Product development and expanded capabilities
  • Our engineering team is constantly looking for ways to innovate here at AVTECH. We always have new or enhanced sensors and monitors in development to improve monitoring capabilities for all our users.

    We also have product refreshes periodically that will add capabilities to existing Room Alert models, and will also expand features that our users have been providing feedback on.

We're very proud of everything we've accomplished over the last 30+ years. Many of those accomplishments are due to the relationships we’ve built with our users over the years, and the helpful feedback they’ve provided to us. Looking forward to our next 30 years has the entire AVTECH team excited about the ways we’ll be able to help users across the world expand their data center, IT, and facilities environment monitoring.

If you’re not one of our current users, we certainly hope that we will be able to help you proactively monitor your facilities in the very near future. Let us know what issues you might be facing when it comes to monitoring your facility as part of your business continuity plan, and we’ll be happy to let you know how Room Alert can help protect your organization.

Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships worldwide from our locations in the US and EU, and has been protecting facilities since 1988.