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Where To Find The Firmware Version Of Your Axis Camera

You may find the firmware version of your Axis camera on its web interface, either in the Setup→Basic Setup page (v6.x.x and below) or the Help→About page (v7.x.x. and above).

To find the version, follow these steps:

1. Open your Axis camera’s web interface. You may open it in the following ways:

– Type the camera’s IP address directly into your browser’s address bar.

– Open the Devices tab of your RoomAlert.com account, select your camera and then select the Device Interface button.

– Use the manufacturer’s software from https://www.axis.com/Axis IP Utility or Axis Device Manager.

– If you are already using AVTECH’s Device ManageR software, select your camera from your Discovered Devices list and then select Open Web.

2. Navigate to the page displaying your firmware version. How you get there depends on what the web interface looks like:

If you see Live View | Setup | Help on the right side of your camera’s web interface:

1. Select Setup.

2. Find Firmware version on the Basic Setup page.

Camera firmware v6.x.x and below appears as shown here.

If you see 3 icons on the right side of your camera’s web interface:

1. Select the Help icon  .

2. Select About from the drop-down menu.

3. Find Firmware version on the About page.

Camera firmware v7.x.x and above appears as shown here.