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AVTECH Announces Release of GoToMyDevices 2.0 Cloud-based environment monitoring software allows for full reporting and alerting for Room Alert

September 20, 2016 Warren, RI – AVTECH Software (AVTECH) is excited to announce the newest release of their cloud-based environment monitoring platform, GoToMyDevices 2.0. GoToMyDevices allows AVTECH customers to monitor and manage their Room Alert devices from anywhere, at any time.

GoToMyDevices was first introduced in early 2015 as a way for customers to remotely manage Room Alert using the cloud. Room Alert is designed to monitor temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke and more. Industries relying on Room Alert include data centers, cold storage, warehousing, medical and pharmaceutical, and manufacturing among others.

AVTECH manufactures Room Alert in the USA and has customers worldwide in over 180 countries. Those customers include enterprises such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, Sprint, over 80% of the Fortune 1000, the United Nations, Pentagon, and all branches of the US military.

“GoToMyDevices helps our customers remotely manage their Room Alerts and create custom notifications in the event of an environment issue,” said Richard Grundy, President of AVTECH. “This new release introduces enhanced alerting capabilities that will help customers monitor their facilities and critical assets with even more detail than before. Every business needs to be instantly alerted by SMS and email if there is a problem in their building or data center. Room Alert combined with GoToMyDevices provides a true all in one monitoring solution, available from anywhere.”

AVTECH customers have been harnessing the power of the cloud to use GoToMyDevices on any Internet-connected device, including mobile phones and desktop computers. GoToMyDevices logs and tracks environment conditions, and customers can set custom alerts to notify them if certain thresholds are exceeded. Instant notification if temperatures exceed a certain point, liquid or water is detected, power is lost, or air circulation is stopped can help prevent a small issue from becoming a much larger revenue-impacting problem.

GoToMyDevices 2.0 advanced alerting capabilities include multiple alert recipients, alert customization, and alert silencing. Alerting multiple recipients allows customers to notify any number of users, which will help them respond to an environment concern as soon as possible. Alerts can also be configured in a rolling format to alert a chain of recipients, until the alert is cleared.

“Alert customization is a key feature we’re thrilled to introduce for our clients,” continued Mr. Grundy. “Room Alert users with multiple locations can now set their alerts to specify exactly which monitor or sensor is in an alarm state and even include suggested steps for alarm mitigation, allowing them to quickly diagnose and address the situation at hand.”

Room Alert users now also have the ability to see images from any supported Axis cameras directly in the GoToMyDevices web portal. When motion is detected, users will be able to see images of their facility for an immediate visual confirmation of a problem or possible room entry.

Room Alert starts at just $145, and basic GoToMyDevices access is included with all models. Users can opt to upgrade their GoToMyDevices service to take full advantage of all of the expanded features included in the new release.


AVTECH Software (AVTECH), a private corporation founded in 1988, is a computer hardware and software developer and manufacturer based in Warren, RI. AVTECH Room Alert products are made in the USA and proactively monitor critical facilities and assets for conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, flood / water leakage, smoke / fire, air flow, room entry, motion, cameras and more. Room Alert is in use in over 180 countries, and can be found in over 80% of the Fortune 1000, most state and federal agencies, and all branches of the US military. Room Alert is environment monitoring made easy… don’t wait until it’s too late.

Download this Press Release in PDF Format – GoToMyDevices 2.0 Press Release