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How To Configure An Axis Camera Motion Alert In Device ManageR

To have Device ManageR alert you when your Axis camera detects motion, follow these steps:

Step 1: Configure a motion event in your Axis camera.

In order for Device ManageR to alert you when your Axis camera detects motion, you must first configure your camera to notify Device ManageR. Please follow the instructions in this FAQ to do so: How To Configure Your Axis Camera To Work With Device ManageR.

Once you’ve configured your camera with a motion event, your camera will send notifications to Device ManageR over TCP port 8085 when it detects motion.

Step 2: Configure a motion alert in Device ManageR.

1. Open Device ManageR in your web browser. You may open it by entering ‘localhost:8080’ or ‘<IP address of host system>:8080’ in your browser’s address bar.

2. If you haven’t already, discover your Axis camera. You may do so using Device ManageR’s Advanced Discovery feature. This FAQ shows you how: How To Discover AVTECH Devices With Device ManageR – Advanced Discovery.

3. Once your camera appears in the Discovered Devices list, select it and enter the username and password in the fields provided.

4. To begin configuring your alert, select Alerts / Tasks in the navigation bar to the left of your screen.

5. Then select Alerts from the Alerts / Tasks menu.

6. Select Add at the bottom of Alerts screen to open the Add New Alert window.

7. In Name, enter a name for your alert. We’re calling ours ‘Alert On Axis Motion.’

8. In Description, you may enter any notes you feel would be helpful to explain the alert.

9. In Device, choose your Axis camera from the drop-down menu. In our example, we’ve selected a camera called ‘AVTECH – 2nd Floor North.’

10. In Alarm when the sensor reading for, select the choice ending in -Motion.

11. In Action / Notification List, select your Action / Notification list. Here, we’re choosing our ‘Email Security’ list.

12. Then select Save.


13. Your Axis camera motion alert will now appear in your Alerts list.