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Room Alert Account Issue On April 7, 2019

Our Room Alert hardware, software, and services are designed to help our users prevent and mitigate downtime to their facilities, particularly outages caused by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke and more.

Room Alert is designed to be the solution that’s still monitoring your environment years after it was installed. After all, it’s there to keep you protected! However, like with all services, there’s no such thing as 100% uptime, and yesterday (April 7, 2019) our Room Alert Account platform had an issue with the timely processing of push data that lasted approximately 3 hours.

During this event, one of our servers that generates alert notifications for customers that use our Room Alert Account platform was unable to process timely notifications because of a delay receiving updated sensor data from devices. Due to the redundancy and resiliency built into the platform, no sensor data or alerts were lost during this time period. Our team was notified of the server issue less than 10 minutes after it began, and troubleshooting took place immediately. The issue was resolved within 3 hours, all alerting was restored to normal delivery, and all queued alerts were delivered. Only alerts sent from were impacted during this period.

Issues occur, no matter how much you plan for them. In this instance, the distributed server platform our Room Alert Account service resides on was able to continue to accumulate monitor and sensor data even when the database issue didn’t allow for alert delivery during that short window. We preach resilience to our customers when they use Room Alert to monitor their facilities, and we practice that in our environment as well. Thankfully our server cluster, while experiencing temporary issues, didn’t lose any data while it continued to collect information from all the monitors and sensors that report to it.

Over the next few days our team will continue to investigate the cause of the issue and implement any measures available to them to help reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

If you use the Room Alert Account platform and you have any questions, our Support team is available to assist via email or through our LiveChat feature.

Thank you very much for being a Room Alert user, and your patience during our unexpected issue yesterday. We are very thankful for your support in helping make Room Alert the preferred environment monitoring platform in 186 of 196 countries worldwide.