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Why The Beauty Industry Needs Environmental Monitoring

The beauty industry can especially benefit from environment monitoring products like Room Alert. 

Some skincare and makeup products are specifically formulated with active ingredients that are most effective when stored at cool temperatures. With Room Alert’s real-time updates, you can maintain the conditions of your space to fit in a temperature range that preserves the expensive ingredients your company incorporates. Not only do cooler temperatures make skincare potentially more effective, but managing temperatures can also prevent your company from experiencing expensive loses due to extreme temperatures. Considering a majority of the beauty industry packages their products in plastic, hot lipsticks melt in their packaging, resulting in unhappy customers. Room Alert devices can also monitor conditions such as dew point which is important because moisture can promote bacteria and mold, particularly in liquid skincare and makeup.

Mold contamination of face cream proved that more natural beauty products must be held to even higher standards because of the lack of preservatives makes the product weaker and more susceptible to environmental damage. This is important to consider especially as the beauty industry continues building the trend of more “natural” formulas that lack a lot of fillers and therefore shorten the shelf life of the product. Even when a lack of environmental monitoring does not result in any serious safety issues, company reputations can still be damaged. Some customers experience “sweaty” looking lipsticks due to oily ingredients separating from the product due to heat. With temperature monitoring, this problem could have been addressed and avoided, saving time, money, and stress.

One feature that is especially crucial with preventing environmental disasters are the notifications. You can set up your Room Alert to send you push notifications via text, email, or HTTP post to inform you immediately when your warehouse’s environmental conditions change. By receiving notifications in real-time right when an issue occurs, you are able to respond and act quickly. 

For example, if the dew point in your cosmetics warehouse rise, you can be notified and have the ability to act before thousands of dollars of products get ruined, as higher dew point changes the texture, formula and consistency of your products. Face powder will not stay dry and compressed, lipstick will not stay solid and creamy, and eyeliner will become watery and less pigmented.

According to Cosmetics Business, “In today’s challenging regulatory environment, the pressure to release products faster while eliminating the risk of contamination continues to increase, while many companies struggle to keep pace with regulatory expectations.”

To maintain the regulations of beauty products by the FDA, companies must learn how to stay current and up to date on the recording, reporting, and storing their data. The cosmetic industry has an extensive history of product recalls, many of which were due to avoidable issues.

As another example, if water damage is occurring in your clothing warehouse Room Alert will send you a notification via text. You are then able to come in and prevent further water damage and loss of sales due to a severe water leak.

On top of our notifications, you can also easily graph the conditions of your warehouse in with its reporting feature. Built-in reporting and graphing organize your warehouse’s information and data so that you can further monitor and investigate your facility’s environmental conditions. Room Alert monitors, records, and organizes the critical environment data that beauty companies must be aware of to maintain a safe, successful, and productive future. Being protected and proactive with Room Alert can save your facility a lifetime of stress, time and money.

Climate-controlled warehouses are more productive and efficient than those who simply hope problems do not arise. The point of climate control, especially in a warehouse setting, is to reduce unpredictability. This is important because employees coming in and out alters the environmental conditions, increasing the risk of possible damage. Room Alert can monitor airflow and temperature which are among the most important factors to monitor in warehouses. 

Room Alert acts as an integral part of every organization’s business continuity plan to help prevent downtime in data centers, IT environments and more, and it can also help many organizations improve building comfort and worker safety as well. By monitoring, alerting, and reporting on environmental conditions, Room Alert can help nearly any facility provide personal comfort. From a time, money and safety perspective, it makes sense to protect your warehouses and facilities with Room Alert environmental monitoring technology.