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Take Some Thyme To Learn Why Your Greenhouse Needs Environment Monitoring

The environment conditions of greenhouses are tricky to manage since they must maintain certain temperatures, humidity levels, and airflow, as well as other important environmental factors that need to be maintained within certain levels. If the environmental factors are not within a particular range, greenhouses can lose thousands of dollars in damages. Climate-controlled greenhouses are necessary because they help ensure safety, productivity and success for the business.

Proactive environment monitoring is beneficial for greenhouses because changes in your greenhouse’s environment can be dealt with before they unravel into extensive damages. This means that harsh conditions and damages, due to problems such as flooding, can be avoided. It’s not realistic to manually monitor the environment of your greenhouse 24/7, so it is extremely useful to install devices that are designed to monitor the environmental changes in your greenhouse.

Environment monitoring with Room Alert allows you to consistently monitor the temperature along with other critical conditions. Room Alert offers additional sensors that track temperature, humidity, power, water, smoke, motion, airflow and more. Additionally, Room Alert supports features such as alert notifications via email, SMS, SMTP, dial-out, audio alert and more for remote monitoring. This means that you can set up your Room Alert to notify you through email, text, or HTTP post when the physical conditions of your greenhouse change. 

For example, the optimal temperature and humidity in a greenhouse depend on the plant species grown and desired level of photosynthetic activity. Typical greenhouse temperatures vary between 10-20 °C (50-68 °F). With Room Alert, you can be notified immediately via text if the temperature of your greenhouse drops below 10 °C. This notification will allow you to readjust the temperature in your greenhouse quickly and before any irreversible damage occurs to your plant life. 

Hand in hand with temperature, humidity is another extremely important factor for a greenhouse. Humidity also can negatively impact the health of your greenhouse because when humidity levels are too high, plant leaves are likely to get wet. Wet foliage has an increased risk to encounter fungal infections or an outbreak of mildew or mold. Protecting your greenhouse with Room Alert drastically minimizes the likelihood you will experience environmental damages. Room Alert will be sure to notify you if the humidity in your greenhouse is too high to help prevent any potential mold damage from occurring. Temperature and humidity conditions that are not suitable is the single biggest mistake you can make for your greenhouse.

Ventilation and air-flow are also extremely important in greenhouses because a ventilation system can effectively move the air directly through the crop and over the soil to prevent excessive temperature buildup around the plants and remove excessive heat. Ventilation helps with regulating temperature, preventing pest infestations, encouraging pollination and good air-flow for fresh air.

Greenhouses can also benefit from the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi Monitor because this device is designed specifically to assist with monitoring room temperature and other environmental conditions where a small footprint is needed, where access to a standard wired Ethernet connection may not exist, where running cables is not desirable, and when the investment cost needs to be minimal or deployment volume may be high.

Room Alert’s environmental monitoring from anywhere at any time will protect your greenhouse during downtime and ensure prevention of all kinds of environment disasters which can be costly and timely.

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