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Look Up Your Order Status In Room Alert Account

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new “Look Up Order Status” tool at This tool makes it easier than ever to check an order status, and you don’t even need to be a registered Room Alert Account user to access this tool. Previously, if customers wanted to look up the status of their order, they would only be able to do so once the order had shipped and tracking information was available. Now, customers can view their order status at any time, regardless of if the order has shipped or not.

How To Look Up Order Status

In the “Order Status” box in Room Alert Account, customers have the option to enter several different pieces of information to help us locate their order. You can either enter the order number, PO number, reseller PO number, or tracking number. If we identify multiple orders, Room Alert Account will prompt you for the zip or postal code. Once your order is found, Room Alert Account will populate this page with all available information. You will be able to see 

  • Order status 
  • Billing status 
  • UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS Status (depending on what shipping method the order uses) 
  • Order number
  • Customer PO number
  • Reseller PO number
  • Date the order was placed
  • Shipping method
  • Location the order is shipping from
  • Tracking number (if applicable)
  • Date the order was shipped
  • Date the order was delivered
  • Name of who signed for the package

Customer Data Privacy & Security

Our top priority is always to keep customer data as safe and secure as possible. We have accounted for all privacy impacts to ensure that we are following our own data privacy and data security policies, as well as keeping all customer information safe. With this in mind, we have removed all personally identifiable information (PII) from the order status. This feature will not allow you to see the name of the organization, the contents of the order or the address of where the order is shipping to.  

We are excited to provide our customers with the ability to look up their order status at any time in Room Alert Account. Room Alert provides peace of mind, and we hope our customers take comfort in knowing that they can always check on their order status.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about how to use the “Look Up Order Status” feature in Room Alert Account, please contact us by email at, our online Live Chat service, or via phone 401.628.1600.

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Example Polling Method Properties saved in Orion SolarWinds:

If you are using this client, you should configure the general SNMPv3 Credentials, but leave the Read / Write SNMPv3 Credentials section blank.

Room Alert Link- Supported Firmware Updates

Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E

Room Alert Manager - Compatible Devices

The latest version of Room Alert Manager supports only the devices below.

It does not support any legacy Room Alert or TemPageR models.

Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 3SRoom Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E
Room Alert 3W