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How to Download Firmware & Software from Your Account

For access to downloads for your AVTECH products – including firmware, software and legacy SNMP MIB files – log in to your account at, AVTECH’s device monitoring and management service.

How To Download

To download items from your Room Alert Account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account at If you haven’t yet registered for an account, please see our FAQ, How To Register For A Account (VIDEO), for instructions.
  2. In the navigation bar to the left, select Downloads.
  3. On the Downloads page, locate your product, and select the green Download button GTMD_Download_Button next to it to start the download.

  • If you see the Buy Product button GTMD_Buy_Product_Button next to the product, that means AVTECH does not have you listed as already owning it. You may select Buy Product to visit the product page on AVTECH’s web site.
  • If you see the Upgrade button GTMD_Downloads_Upgrade_Button next to a product, that means you do not have access to this product at your current account level. You may select Upgrade to upgrade your account.
  • Firmware, MIB files, and documentation for legacy devices (Room Alert 26W, RA24E, 11E & 7E and TemPageR 4E & 3E) are located in the Legacy tab of the Downloads page.

What’s Available

The Room Alert Account Downloads page is divided into sections, which you may scroll through to locate the particular product you’re looking for:

Firmware Update

  • Firmware updates for your Room Alert Monitors are available here.
    • The latest firmware for legacy Room Alert Monitors and TemPageR products are located in the Legacy tab.
  • Depending on your Room Alert model, you may use Room Alert Manager, Room Alert Link, AVTECH’s Device Discovery utility or Device ManageR software (legacy) to perform the update on your device.
  • Room Alert Manager, Room Alert Link, Device Discovery and Device ManageR are available on the Downloads page, as shown below.

Room Alert Manager

  • Room Alert Manager software is available for downloads in this section.
  • You may use this software to discover, update and monitor your current Room Alert “E” and “S” model devices.


  • Room Alert Link and the Device Discovery utility are available in this section.
  • You may use these programs to discover and update your devices.

Axis Cameras

  • Image Push application is available in this section.
  • You may use this application to configure your compatible Axis camera to push data and images to


  • Room Alert User Guides are available in this section.
    • User guides for legacy Room Alert and TemPageR products are located in the Legacy tab of the Downloads page.

Additional Resources

  • You can download Room Alert Visio Stencils here.


  • MIB files for legacy Room Alert Monitor and TemPageR products are available in the Legacy tab of the Downloads page.
  • MIB files for current Room Alert Monitor models (listed below) are not available for download through your Room Alert Account. Rather, you may download the latest MIB files directly from the SNMP Settings page of your Room Alert Monitor’s web interface.
Room Alert Model.……….Minimum Firmware Version
Room Alert 32S1.0.0
Room Alert 12S1.2.0
Room Alert 32E/W3.0.0
Room Alert 12E3.0.0
Room Alert 4E4.0.0
Room Alert 3E2.0.0
  • You may load them in any standard SNMP program to monitor your AVTECH devices.

Device ManageR (Legacy Tab)

  • AVTECH’s Device ManageR software and associated plugins are available here.
  • You may use Device ManageR to discover, update and monitor your Room Alert “E” and “W” model and TemPageR devices, as well as discover and monitor your Axis cameras.
  • AVTECH’s Device-ManageR-to-Room-Alert-Manager Import Tool is also available in this section.
  • You may use this tool to import settings from your old Device ManageR installation into a new Room Alert ManageR installation.

Room Alert Manager - Compatible Devices

The latest version of Room Alert Manager supports only the devices below.

It does not support any legacy Room Alert or TemPageR models.


Note about support for the Room Alert 3W:

1. You must have this model at default credentials for compatibility with Room Alert Manager. Username: admin | Password: PASSWORD.

2. Room Alert Manager does not currently support firmware updates for this model.

Custom credentials and firmware updates for the Room Alert 3W will be included in a future release of Room Alert Manager.


Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E
Room Alert 3W at default credentials (Username: admin | Password: PASSWORD)