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Room Alert: Made in the USA and TAA Compliant

TAA compliantWe’ve always taken pride in the fact that Room Alert is made in the USA, and trusted to monitor some of the most important facilities and assets in 185 countries around the world (as of the publishing of this article). Since Room Alert is made in the USA, it is TAA compliant and available for government contracts and GSA schedules.

TAA compliance means that Room Alert meets the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act of 1979. This act states that goods and services provided under federal contracts are either made in the USA or a designated country, or undergo a “substantial transformation” within the United States or a designated country.

In the world of IT hardware, being TAA compliant can be tricky to maintain – many internal components, such as printed circuit boards and chips, are typically manufactured or assembled in countries that do not appear on the list of approved countries. AVTECH manufactures Room Alert here in the USA, including all circuit board assembly, metal fabrication and plastic injection molding, which allows us to maintain full TAA compliance.

Our software offerings Device Discovery, Device ManageR and GoToMyDevices are designed developed and supported by our engineering team in Rhode Island, which allows us to list those as TAA compliant as well. In addition to our software, nearly all the digital and analog sensors we offer for Room Alert are made in the USA. This allows us to offer a fully TAA compliant solution to any organization that falls under GSA schedule contracts.

Speaking of GSA schedule contracts, there are several resellers and MSPs across the country who work almost exclusively with government organizations. All those agents are bound by the TAA and know that our products meet compliance, so they can bid with confidence. Being TAA compliant has given AVTECH the ability to help protect the data, assets, and facilities of most federal agencies as well as all branches of the US military.

Maintaining TAA compliance means more than just using products made in the USA or an approved country. Organizations that purchase non-compliant goods or services are subject to having their contracts revoked, and in some instances being fined large sums of money. We can assure all our end users and partners of our TAA compliance, and we can provide Country of Origin paperwork during the purchase process to validate that.

If your organization is a federal agency in the United States, or operates under a GSA schedule contract, Room Alert can handle your environment monitoring needs while maintaining TAA compliance. If your organization ISN’T currently monitoring environment factors, then you’re not looking out for 30% of data loss and downtime causes! Keep your organization protected with Room Alert from AVTECH.

Room Alert is environment monitoring made easy… don’t wait until it’s too late!

Note: The former GoToMyDevices online monitoring and management platform was migrated into in December 2017

Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships the same day, and has been protecting facilities in over 185 countries since 1988.

Room Alert Manager - Compatible Devices

The latest version of Room Alert Manager supports only the devices below.

It does not support any legacy Room Alert or TemPageR models.


Note about support for the Room Alert 3W:

1. You must have this model at default credentials for compatibility with Room Alert Manager. Username: admin | Password: PASSWORD.

2. Room Alert Manager does not currently support firmware updates for this model.

Custom credentials and firmware updates for the Room Alert 3W will be included in a future release of Room Alert Manager.


Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E
Room Alert 3W at default credentials (Username: admin | Password: PASSWORD)