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Axis Camera Integration in GoToMyDevices

Axis camera integration was one of the top new features we introduced with GoToMyDevices 2.0. Users had been eagerly anticipating capturing live snapshots from their connected Axis cameras, which would help them better troubleshoot the alerts sent from their Room Alert.

We’ve discussed some of the other new GoToMyDevices features in detail, such as custom alert notifications and real-time alert collaboration through notes. In this installment, we’ll take a closer look at the new Axis camera integration our GoToMyDevices users on the Professional tier and higher are taking advantage of.

Preparing your Axis camera for GoToMyDevices

Before you can begin using your Axis camera with GoToMyDevices, you need to confirm it’s listed on our compatible camera list. Once you confirm your model is compatible, you then need to install specific firmware on it; you can find the steps on how to do that here.

Once that’s complete and you register your camera with GoToMyDevices, your Axis camera will now begin pushing images triggered from motion detection to GoToMyDevices!

Live snapshots in GoToMyDevices

One of the biggest aspects of Axis camera integration with GoToMyDevices is the ability for all our users on the Professional tier or higher to see live snapshots of their facility when motion is detected.

NEW! View Axis camera stills directly from GoToMyDevices.

View Axis camera stills directly from GoToMyDevices.

It’s important to note that the integration here does not involve streaming video in real-time through GoToMyDevices. As GoToMyDevices was developed as a cloud-based alerting and monitoring platform for Room Alert, it’s not meant to provide DVR-like capabilities. Nor can GoToMyDevices request snapshot images from the Axis camera on demand. Rather, Axis camera integration in GoToMyDevices was enabled to allow users to see a snapshot attached to a motion alert. This way, they can quickly make visual confirmation of what may have triggered that alert, especially if no one is onsite at that location. All images sent to GoToMyDevices are initiated by the camera based on motion detection.

Monitor Axis camera status as easily as you monitor Room Alert

Providing immediate information to Room Alert users has been the primary focus of GoToMyDevices since its release. By adding Axis camera integration, users now get far more than text or email updates to motion alerts. Being able to visually determine alert causes can save countless hours spent driving to and from facilities being monitored by Room Alert, especially if they’re remote or the alerts come at inopportune times (like 2am, for instance).

If you are interested in adding visual confirmation of motion alerts to your Room Alert, contact our Product Specialists at 401.628.1600 or by email If your organization is currently working with an AVTECH authorized retailer, they can assist with Axis camera information and pricing as well.

Don’t forget – Axis camera integration is available for all GoToMyDevices users on the Professional tier or higher. To upgrade from the Personal or Lite tiers, just click on the Upgrade button in your GoToMyDevices account settings to immediately begin taking advantage of camera integration and many more great advanced features to help keep your data, assets, and facilities protected from environment factors.