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How To Notify Multiple Contacts With Device ManageR

You may notify multiple contacts of an alert condition in Device ManageR by assembling an Action/Notification List and then associating it with an Alert.

Overview of notifying multiple contacts with Device ManageR

Set-up instructions for notifying multiple contacts with Device ManageR


An Action/Notification List, like the one shown below, can tell Device ManageR to execute multiple actions–in this case, to send email to several different people:


Once you’ve created an Action/Notification List with multiple email Actions, you can associate it with an Alert, as shown below.


In this example, because we’ve chosen our ‘Email IT & Facilities Staff’ Action/Notification List, Device ManageR will send emails to all four contacts when the internal temperature on this Room Alert crosses the high threshold we’ve set.

Set-up Instructions

Below are the steps to take to create this type of Action/Notification List. For more information about configuring each item, please see the associated FAQ listed with it.

1. First, set up your mail server in Settings–>SMTP Email. For instructions, please see How To Set Up Email In Device ManageR (VIDEO).

2. Next, set up your Contacts in Alerts/Tasks–>Contacts. For instructions, please see How To Create And Edit Contacts In Device ManageR.


3. Then set up Send Email to Configured Contact Actions in Alerts/Tasks–>Actions. For instructions, please see How To Configure An Action In Device ManageR.


4. Then set up your Action/Notification List in Alerts/Tasks–>Action/Notification Lists. For instructions, please see How To Configure Action/Notification Lists In Device ManageR (VIDEO).


5. Finally, set up your Alert and associate your Action/Notification List with it in Alerts/Tasks–>Alerts. For instructions, please see How To Create An Alert In Device ManageR.