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How To Notify Multiple Contacts With Device ManageR

You may notify multiple contacts of an alert condition in Device ManageR by assembling an Action/Notification List and then associating it with an Alert.


An Action/Notification List, like the one shown below, can tell Device ManageR to execute multiple actions–in this case, to send email to several different people:


Once you’ve created an Action/Notification List with multiple email Actions, you can associate it with an Alert, as shown below.


In this example, because we’ve chosen our ‘Email IT & Facilities Staff’ Action/Notification List, Device ManageR will send emails to all four contacts when the internal temperature on this Room Alert crosses the high threshold we’ve set.

Set-up Instructions

Below are the steps to take to create this type of Action/Notification List. For more information about configuring each item, please see the associated FAQ listed with it.

1. First, set up your mail server in Settings–>SMTP Email. For instructions, please see How To Set Up Email In Device ManageR (VIDEO).

2. Next, set up your Contacts in Alerts/Tasks–>Contacts. For instructions, please see How To Create And Edit Contacts In Device ManageR.


3. Then set up Send Email to Configured Contact Actions in Alerts/Tasks–>Actions. For instructions, please see How To Configure An Action In Device ManageR.


4. Then set up your Action/Notification List in Alerts/Tasks–>Action/Notification Lists. For instructions, please see How To Configure Action/Notification Lists In Device ManageR (VIDEO).


5. Finally, set up your Alert and associate your Action/Notification List with it in Alerts/Tasks–>Alerts. For instructions, please see How To Create An Alert In Device ManageR.


For more information about the best way to configure your alerts, please see How to Simplify Your Device ManageR Alert Configuration.