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International Data Center Day with Room Alert

Today is the first annual International Data Center Day! According to 7×24 Exchange International, “By working together during and after International Data Center Day, the industry can connect with future generations and ensure a steady flow of skilled labor, enhance the public image of data centers and safeguard the ongoing prosperity of the data center industry.”

Here at AVTECH, we also promote conversations around data centers, data loss, cybersecurity, business continuity and of course proactive environment monitoring with Room Alert.

  • Did you know that 59% of data centers say downtime lasts a ½ day or more?
  • 27% of data centers say downtime lasts 1-3 days.
  • A study by Ponemon Institute indicated that on average, downtime can cost an alarming $5,600 per minute or $336,000 per hour in data centers.

If you have Room Alert in your data centers, you will reduce costly downtime because Room Alert can notify you about many potentially harmful conditions in your data centers such as high temperature, humidity, water, smoke, airflow and so much more. When you are short-staffed, not on-site and 24/7 Room Alert monitors the environment conditions in your data centers so you do not experience lost time, money and resources related to easily preventable downtime.

We understand all of the environment conditions that threaten your data centers every single day. In fact, just last week Room Alert was named 2019 Innovation Product of the Year by International Trade Council! We have perfectly engineered Room Alert to protect you from all forms of costly downtime that could put your organization out of business. There are only a few days left in our Fall 2019 Promotion where you can get up to $500 in Room Alert savings. There is no better time than right now to take advantage of this offer and invest in proactive environment monitoring with Room Alert. Act now to prevent costly downtime in your data centers for years to come!