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Room Alert 32S Product Tour

Welcome to the Room Alert 32S

The Room Alert 32S is our flagship model, boasting the most sensor capacity and security features in our product line.

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Room Alert 32S
Power Status LED Ethernet Port Digital Sensor Ports Alarm LEDs Light Tower & Relay Adapter Ports Relay Output Ports Analog Sensor Input Ports Switch Sensor Ports Reset Button On/Off Button (Battery Backup) Power Port

Power Status LED

The Power Status LED indicates whether your Room Alert 32 is running on main power/PoE (solid green) or the internal battery backup (solid red).

Ethernet Port

This RJ-45 port connects your Room Alert 32 to your network via an RJ-45 Ethernet cable (shown above).

This port is PoE-enabled, so you may power your Room Alert 32 by connecting it to your PoE-enabled switch.

Digital Sensor Ports

Alarm LEDs

These LEDs indicate the alarm or clear status of your Digital, Switch or Custom (possible future use) sensors:

Green = Clear

Red = Alarm

Light Tower & Relay Adapter Ports

This set of ports accepts up to 2 Light Tower & Relay Adapters (LTAs), through which you can connect a Light Tower (shown above) and Relay Switch to your Room Alert 32.

The Light Tower provides visual and audible alerting, while the Relay Switch can turn on and off up to 4 low-voltage electrical devices.

Relay Output Ports

This set of ports accepts up to 2 low-voltage electrical devices, such as a fan or an air conditioner, so that your Room Alert 32 can turn them on and off in response to alarm conditions.

Analog Sensor Input Ports

These ports accept up to 2 analog sensors, such as AVTECH's Current Loop 1 or 2 (shown above) or Extreme Temperature Sensors.

Switch Sensor Ports

This set of ports accepts up to 8 switch sensors or dry contacts on a device such as a UPS. AVTECH offers switch sensors for every critical environment factor, such as power, flood (shown above), smoke, air flow and more.

Reset Button

This button resets Room Alert to defaults. It clears out all of your custom entries, such as your password and static IP address.

On/Off Button (Battery Backup)

In the On position, this button engages the Room Alert 32's built-in battery backup.

The battery backup is made up of 3 AAA Ni-MH batteries (shown above) and can power the Room Alert for up to 15 minutes if main power fails.

Power Port

This port accepts AVTECH's 5V power adapter (shown above) to power the Room Alert 32 by main power. There are models for each and every country.

Room Alert 32 is PoE-enabled, so you may power it over PoE instead if you wish.