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High Humidity Can Cause Mold – Prevent Damage with Room Alert

Mold is quite a nasty fungus that no business owner, facilities manager or homeowner wants to run into, though it happens more than you might think. All too often organizations have a reactive approach to protecting their facilities from costly and sometimes irreversible mold damage. Unfortunately, many businesses make the fatal mistake of remaining totally unprotected against environmental threats such as mold until it already starts becoming a health and safety issue. At AVTECH, we see the immense value in taking a proactive, Business Continuity mindset approach to protecting assets before disaster strikes.

Mold & Environmental Conditions

Mold thrives in humid environments with lots of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been flooding. According to one source, places such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics, basements and garages are some of the most common places where mold is found. This means that it is critical to the integrity of your buildings, as well as the people inside, to monitor for high temperature and humidity conditions to prevent mold growth in these susceptible areas.

Why Is Mold An Issue?

Not only is mold unpleasant to look at, but more importantly, the presence of mold can pose serious health & safety concerns. Some of the health issues that come from mold exposure include throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, cough, and wheezing and skin irritation. Mold is also damaging to the building it is in or on. Mold infestations can have catastrophic consequences by weakening or destroying structural elements in buildings. Mold is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible because it creates a massive danger to people and buildings or structures where mold is found.

How Can Room Alert Help?

Room Alert environment monitoring helps by providing a comprehensive solution to preventing and minimizing the extent of mold damage. Room Alert monitors, sensors, and accessories are designed to oversee all kinds of environmental conditions in your business, home or other facility. Room Alert can monitor temperature, humidity, flood, fire, room entry, power and more. With Room Alert installed, you can be promptly notified the conditions in your environment change. Room Alert will notify you if the temperature and humidity in your space is encouraging mold growth.  

For example, you could install a Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi in the basement of your home, investment property, residential area or anywhere a wireless connection is needed. The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is a compact and light-weight environment monitor so it can hang from a ceiling or on a wall with no special tools. It includes one internal digital sensor that measures temperature, which is useful when addressing mold because “As air temperature increases, air can hold more water molecules” therefore higher temperatures welcome mold growth.  

The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is compatible with any Room Alert digital sensor. The Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor is one of our most popular sensors because it is a multi-purpose product that monitors 4 different environment conditions; temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point. Dew point is particularly pertinent when dealing with mold. Dew point is the term that most meteorologists use to describe the amount of moisture in the air, and mold as we know requires lots of moisture to grow. If the air cools down below the dew point, but the moisture content remains the same, excess water vapor condenses on surfaces that are cooler than the dew point temperature. This creates the ideal breeding ground for mold. Monitoring dew point is one way of ensuring that your environment is not so humid as to encourage mold growth. 

The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is also compatible with any Room Alert switch sensor, so for mold concerns, we recommend pairing it with a Flood Sensor. Our Flood Sensor w/ Cable is ideal for preventing water damage that can lead to flooding, mold and mildew. It is designed with an attached sensor cable that comes in various lengths. The sensor is activated when liquid makes contact with any part of the cable. Once the presence of liquid is detected, an alarm condition is triggered.   

You can utilize our online Room Alert Account dashboard and our downloadable Room Alert Manager software to take your proactive environment monitoring to the next level. With alerting features in Room Alert Account and Room Alert Manager, you can configure your Room Alert to promptly notify you via text or email anytime that liquid is detected in your environment. You can also check your Room Alert Account at any time, from any internet-accessible device to get real-time information on the environmental conditions.  

With a Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi and Flood Sensor installed in the basement of an residential home for example, Room Alert can be configured to notify the homeowner of a water pipe burst and consequently starts leaking water into the basement. A ⅛ inch pipe crack can leak 250 gallons of liquid in just one day. Room Alert is constantly overseeing your space so homeowners can be in the know about their environment even if no one is on-site. Real-time notification means you can take corrective action as soon as a potential threat is identified. The peace of mind provided by Room Alert means having issues resolved quickly, before it builds to horrendous mold damage.   

Environment monitoring with Room Alert is extremely helpful in preventing and minimizing the 30% of downtime that is caused by environmental issues. Room Alert monitors, sensors and accessories are absolutely crucial for preventing, minimizing and managing the negative effects of mold growth.

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For any questions about environment monitoring with Room Alert, you can speak with a dedicated Product Specialist via email at Sales@AVTECH.com, by phone at 401.628.1600, or through our Live Chat feature right here on our website for a free consultation.             

For additional resources, please visit our YouTube Channel and be sure to read more of our articles to learn how Room Alert protects your assets and prevents costly damage. Protect your facility…don’t wait until it’s too late.

Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships worldwide from our locations in the US and EU, and has been protecting facilities since 1988.

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Room Alert Link- Supported Firmware Updates

Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E

Room Alert Manager - Compatible Devices

The latest version of Room Alert Manager supports only the devices below.

It does not support any legacy Room Alert or TemPageR models.

Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 3SRoom Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E
Room Alert 3W