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Facilities Solutions - Luke's Story  

Standing on the top step of the ladder while pulling down another panel in the drop-ceiling, Luke thought there must be a better way. Responsible for the building's aging HVAC equipment, he wanted to identify more quickly which systems needed maintenance and get a jump on service calls when a system failed. In this case, if he had known the air conditioning duct had been dripping condensation for the last month, he could have adjusted the temperature and avoided the replacement costs.

The Challenge

  • HVAC units perform multiple functions all day long for years at a time that each require different types of monitoring.
  • HVAC systems are physically spread out within a company facility--sometimes across floors in a building, sometimes across cities for larger organizations.
  • HVAC by its nature solves some environmental problems, but can create others, like water leakage, over-heating or over-cooling and changes to humidity.
  • Staff have enough to do without also learning a complicated new system--they needs something that just works reliably out of the box.

The Solution

This facilities manager live chatted with a Product Specialist at AVTECH, who recommended the Room Alert 12E for each of his HVAC systems, along with the Current Loop, Air Flow Sensors and Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensors.

  • The analog input on the Room Alert 12E can monitor AVTECH’s Current Loop, showing the facilities team how much electricity the HVAC system uses.
  • The Temperature & Humidity Sensors can sit on the HVAC unit’s exhaust vents to monitor AC or heat output air. (That taken into account with the Current Loop readings lets him calculate the efficiency of his HVAC, too.)
  • The switch sensor ports on the Room Alert 12E let him connect AVTECH’s Air Flow Sensor for his intake and exhaust vents, and pressure sensors for his heating pipes.
  • The relay output port can trigger a building’s alarm panel when any one of these condition pass a threshold.

The Products

Room Alert 12E Air Flow Current Loop Digital Temp & Humidity GoToMyDevices


This facilities manager has deployed the Room Alert 12E for each of his HVAC systems. The Room Alert 12E has the capacity to monitor for a range of conditions and provide him with critical information about his HVAC units before problems start to impact staff and the property. He can now see conditions across his entire infrastructure in his GoToMyDevices account and also get alerts sent right to his cell phone both during and outside of business hours. Based on the success he’s had with the Room Alert 12E, he’s considering the Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi for harder-to-access sites in his buildings.

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