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Food Storage Solutions - Theo's Story  

A routine health inspection at Theo’s restaurant took a turn for the worse when the inspector found that the refrigerator was only maintaining a temperature four degrees higher than the mandated 41º Fahrenheit. Thankfully, Theo was able to avoid a citation and shutdown by discarding the food and having the equipment serviced the same day.

It cost the restaurant over $5,000 in food and maintenance, but could have been even worse if it had resulted in a documented health inspection violation and the bad press that would accompany it. A shutdown could have closed the business for good.

The Challenge

  • Commercial kitchens must meet regulations, but monitoring can be difficult during the pressure of day-to-day operations.
  • Storage spaces and freezers undergo heavy traffic, resulting in fluctuating temperatures.
  • Managers and staff are trained and experienced in the food service industry--not in IT.

The Solution

Theo found AVTECH and searched AVTECH’s online store for solutions. He decided to start with two Room Alert 3S's, each with a Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor and Air Flow Sensor.

  • The Digital Fluid Temperature Sensor can be placed inside the coolers and freezers housing his valuable food product.
  • The Air Flow Sensor monitors for another concern--the operation of exhaust fans over the stoves.
  • The sensor graphs on his Room Alert Account means Theo can easily see when temperatures are trending too high and then make adjustments as necessary.

The Products

Room Alert 3S Digital Fluid Temp (25') Air Flow Room Alert Account


With AVTECH’s Room Alert 3S, this restaurant manager can rest easy that the information he needs is at his fingertips anytime, anywhere. Room Alert 3S is small, light, and easily located (or re-located) where he needs it most. He can keep an eye on air temperature for his staff or patrons, the exhaust from his stoves and the temperature in his coolers and freezers. There’s no complicated set-up to get a clear, easy-to-read graph of this data--all he needs to do is pick his sensors and time range. He can even download that same information into a spreadsheet to show the health inspector that he meets regulatory requirements.

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