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​​You Snow The Drill, Don’t Go Into This Holiday Season Unprepared

Every year when the holiday season approaches, many facilities find themselves short staffed while also battling nasty fall and winter weather. As we prepare to enter a time of year where it is critical to revisit your Business Continuity efforts, don’t overlook the value in proactive environment monitoring. Environment monitoring with advanced and secure Room Alert will provide you with peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy this special time of year.

Room Alert Is Crucial When You’re Short Staffed

In the upcoming months, you might find your organization short staffed as many of us take vacations to celebrate with friends and family. Room Alert environment monitoring helps your business by overseeing your facilities and keeping you in the know, even when little to no people are on site. Room Alert products monitor temperature, humidity, water, power, fire, room entry and more. These are all environmental conditions that can quickly cause costly and irreversible downtime. If you want your business to remain productive and without interruption, you need Room Alert to oversee the conditions in your environment and alert you to changes before major issues such as flooding, high temperatures, or smoke damage occur. Room Alert has advanced alerting and reporting capabilities to help further support your Room Alert hardware.


Room Alert monitors, sensors and accessories are supported by our online Room Alert Account services. Our Room Alert product offering works by alerting you via text or email to changes in your environment so you can take corrective action and stop disasters from unfolding. With Room Alert, you can rest easy knowing that if temperatures rise in your data center or if the power unexpectedly goes out during a snowstorm or if a pipe starts leaking water in a critical area, Room Alert will detect it and notify you immediately.


Outside of our amazing advanced alerting features in Room Alert Account, we also offer reporting features. Reporting is an easy way to graph the sensor data that Room Alert is collecting. Reports will help by showing you patterns and trends in your environment so you can proactively identify environmental conditions that may become catastrophic in the future. Our online services such as advanced alerting and reporting are vital to backing up your Room Alert monitors, sensors and accessories. With Room Alert, your facilities will be prepared to enter this holiday season with the confidence that high temperature, humidity, water damage and more won’t lead to costly downtime and damage.

Prepare For Extreme Weather

Just in case holiday staffing concerns aren’t enough of a reason to proactively install environment monitoring, Room Alert covers you even if you are fully staffed. Room Alert is the equivalent of having someone on site 24/7 to oversee your facilities during inclement weather, snowstorms, power outages and so on. If a snowstorm knocks out the power in your facilities or cold temperatures cause pipes to freeze and then burst, causing flooding and water damage, you can quickly lose everything. Room Alert will help to keep your business, organization and facility safe this fall and winter season. Especially during the holiday season when staff may not be on-site, it is more important than ever to protect yourself with Room Alert environment monitoring.

30% of downtime is caused by environment-related threats. Monitoring these threats with Room Alert provides security and protection where human error and staffing issues can’t. Whether you are short staffed, completely unmanned or if your offices are closed during the holiday season, Room Alert will help prevent and minimize downtime.

Don’t let the unexpected ruin your staff’s holiday vacation. Remember that businesses are 10 times more likely to suffer from flood damage than they are from fire damage, and 40% of all small to medium businesses close within one year of suffering from a major outage. Unless you can afford to lose time, resources and potentially thousands of dollars from downtime – you should be protecting your critical assets, people and business reputation with award-winning Room Alert.

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