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How Is Room Alert Different? Out of all of the incredible benefits that set Room Alert apart from other environment monitoring systems, our customizable Room Alert Account Service is among the most useful capabilities that give Room Alert a competitive edge. When people find themselves weighing the pros and cons of the various environment monitoring […]

Some businesses and organizations don’t factor in costly downtime related to environment monitoring because they are unaware of what it is, and why their business continuity plan needs it. Other companies omit environment monitoring when it comes to their business continuity plan because they view it as a luxury and not a necessity. Too many […]

We’re quickly approaching that time of year again when severe weather and storms pose serious threats to all kinds of organizations and their facilities. Data centers, server rooms, warehouses and so many types of facilities need to make sure their spaces are equipped with the necessary tools to keep their resources safe. With storm season […]

Today is the first annual International Data Center Day! According to 7×24 Exchange International, “By working together during and after International Data Center Day, the industry can connect with future generations and ensure a steady flow of skilled labor, enhance the public image of data centers and safeguard the ongoing prosperity of the data center […]

According to Chron, the role of a property manager is to “ensure that the properties under their care operate smoothly, maintain their appearance, and either preserve or increase in value”. Property managers are responsible for overseeing various facilities while complying with relevant laws such as the Federal Fair Housing Amendment. They have to balance the […]

AVTECH representatives helped introduce Room Alert to a wide range of organizations at the recent GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. We had a wonderful time explaining how proactive environment monitoring with Room Alert can help organizations of all sizes prevent costly downtime caused by factors such as high heat or humidity, water leaks, power outages […]

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). In an effort to raise awareness, NCSAM prompts discussions about the importance of cybersecurity. The goal is to make sure that all computer users have the resources and education they need to make safe choices when engaging in online activities both in work-related and personal settings. According to […]

Of the top 10 most common safety issues in warehouses, several stem from extreme and uncontrolled/unmonitored environmental conditions. These issues include falls and slips, fires, harmful substances and a lack of awareness. Environment monitoring in warehouses allows conditions surrounding these issues to be monitored. By staying up to date on the physical conditions inside your […]

Food Warehousing needs to be regulated at all times to keep products in safe conditions for consumption. If the environment factors in a warehouse become too extreme, food and beverages can be compromised which can lead to making consumers very sick. It is a great decision for warehouses, especially those containing sensitive materials such as […]

The environment conditions of greenhouses are tricky to manage since they must maintain certain temperatures, humidity levels, and airflow, as well as other important environmental factors that need to be maintained within certain levels. If the environmental factors are not within a particular range, greenhouses can lose thousands of dollars in damages. Climate-controlled greenhouses are […]

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