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A prolonged heat wave can be disastrous for your business. Environmental conditions can lead to health concerns for your employees, reduced office productivity due to the heat, and power outages due to overworked power grids can lead to server failure, hard drive crashes, and data loss. Heat waves occur all over the globe and regardless […]

One of the best features of our Room Alert environment monitors is the ability to manage them from anywhere in the world thanks to our Room Alert Account. Users can see alerts, reports, graphs, maps and more from any Internet-connected device, allowing them to have an up-to-date overview of all the Room Alerts installed in […]

Business continuity is critical for organizations of all types and sizes. Not being able to open your doors to customers because of downtime will undoubtedly lead to lost revenue, and raising the possibility of going out of business entirely depending on how long you need to remain closed. No matter the size of your organization, […]

Business continuity is a topic we’ve covered extensively over the past few years, as you can read in a few of our recent articles below: Does Your Business Continuity Plan Protect Against Above Average Rain This Spring? 4 Ways Environment Monitoring Helps Improve Business Continuity Business Continuity, Flood Monitoring, and the Hurricane Season Establishing a […]

Heavy rain and flooding has impacted many regions over the past few months, and the forecast looks to be bringing more of the same. Extreme weather events are on the rise, and Data Center Dynamics expects water leak damage and flooding to impact facilities at an even higher rate over the coming years. To help […]

Our Room Alert hardware, software, and services are designed to help our users prevent and mitigate downtime to their facilities, particularly outages caused by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, flood, power, smoke and more. Room Alert is designed to be the solution that’s still monitoring your environment years after it was installed. After all, […]

The NOAA has announced that Spring 2019 is expected to bring above-average rain to much of the continental United States. The higher amounts of predicted rain combined with frozen ground and melting snow will result in near historic flooding for far too many states. In fact, flooding in much of the Midwest is unfortunately already […]

Last week, INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine announced their Network Security Excellence award winners for the past year, and Room Alert was one of only four products chosen! Winning this award is not only gratifying for all our team members who work tirelessly to provide the best environment monitoring platform on the market, it also confirms one […]

This month we’re offering customers who want to proactively protect their facility against flood and water leak damage a special deal! From March 1 through March 31, 2019 any order that includes a Flood Sensor (Cable or Spot) will receive a FREE Flood Protect & Control Kit (valued at $85USD). Limit one (1) free Flood […]

Unexpected water leak damage can cause your company thousands of dollars when it comes to damages, potential data and inventory loss, as well as employee downtime. Most insurance policies can help recover some of the money lost when water leak damage impacts your organization, however you still need to deal with the red tape and […]