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Introducing Our Highest Level Security, The Room Alert PRO Line

Business Continuity is the ultimate key to running a successful business. It is a term that anyone in business should be familiar with because it improves business preparedness and resiliency, whatever that means for your unique facilities and operations. The best way to achieve success is by being prepared and acknowledging that unforeseen circumstances do happen, usually without any kind of warning. As we’ve all seen most recently, no one could have planned for a pandemic affecting the entire world in 2020. Lots of businesses were not prepared to suddenly shift employees to working remotely, sanitizing more frequently, implementing social distancing and more. What we can do now moving forward is learn from past experiences and take them as valuable lessons that teach us the importance of Business Continuity, Risk Management, Disaster Preparedness etc. 

A crucial part of Business Continuity is Environment Monitoring because it prevents and minimizes costly downtime and damages related to changes in the environment such as high temperature and humidity, water damage, power loss, room entry and more. As Business Continuity leaders, we’ve always provided superior proactive environment monitoring with our Room Alert monitors, sensors, accessories and online services. That is precisely why Room Alert has hundreds of thousands of users across 187 of 196 countries, on Antarctica, and in space. Room Alert is the most popular product for “IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring” worldwide! So now with our most advanced technology in our Room Alert PRO Line, we’re providing the absolute best proactive solution for environment monitoring. 

It is ideal for business leaders and managers to acknowledge that the most effective way of managing unexpected situations is to proactively prepare for them before they occur. Business Continuity Planning means actively creating a comprehensive Business Continuity Checklist that lists all the details, the who what where when and how of maintaining routine operations, even when faced with unanticipated issues. By equipping your team with a robust BCP (Business Continuity Plan), your employees are strengthened and unified in knowing exactly how to handle any and all potential threats before they lead to costly and irreversible downtime. When your team has the knowledge and power to work efficiently, you can cut out the process of accruing downtime while you scramble to solve the problem at hand. Room Alert aids in having a concise BCP by notifying your staff via email, text or HTTP post when conditions in your facility reach your specific thresholds. 

Some of the benefits of implementing Room Alert in your BCP include: improving uptime, increasing employee and customer safety, avoiding equipment damage and much more. Especially now with many businesses and facilities working remotely, threats are at an all time high because chances are, your normal full staff is not on-site to quickly identify issues. If your organization is short-staffed or completely unmanned, downtime and costly damages can worsen at a quicker rate than ever before. Luckily, Room Alert was designed to notify you of changes in your environment that, left untreated, could cause damage such as a burst water pipe dripping onto equipment and causing hardware failure, flooding, mold and employee or customer injury.

Secure Environment Monitoring & Downtime

Did you know that 30% of business downtime is caused by environment-related issues? Shockingly, a collective 50% of that is tied to negative unmonitored changes in temperature and humidity! So given the importance of Business Continuity Planning, it is clear that businesses, facilities and organizations of all sizes should be spending and investing in resources to increase uptime and the best way to improve productivity is by preventing and minimizing any potential threats of downtime. Severe downtime can lead to damaged expensive equipment, employee injury or even going out of business. If you want success and longevity for your facility, you need to invest in proactive Business Continuity tools such as environment monitoring. 

Room Alert has always been the industry leader in the environmental monitoring space, and the clear answer for superior environment monitoring. Now with our PRO Line of monitors, Room Alert is more advanced and secure than ever. This line was specifically designed for higher security organizations such as banks, higher education institutions, government (military), Telecom facilities and all other organizations that need to protect and secure sensitive information. For example, an unexpected power outage at a large university can leave a campus full of students unable to submit online assignments as important as final exams. That level of downtime can leave thousands of students and faculty members unable to do their jobs effectively. Also, just like universities and other organizations that reach a large number of people, banks rely on their customer service capabilities. If a bank’s network is unexpectedly down, customers are left unable to engage in services such as checking and transferring funds. This can severely and irreversibly decrease customer satisfaction while tainting your business’s reputation for future banking. 

Before you find yourself in an unfortunate situation that could have been prevented, it’s ideal to reflect and ask yourself if your Business Continuity Plan is doing everything possible to prevent and minimize downtime. Essentially, are you protecting your assets, employees and customers with Room Alert PRO?

What Is The Room Alert PRO Line?

Our new, highly secure and advanced Room Alert PRO line includes the Room Alert 32S and Room Alert 12S. Our Room Alert PRO line is the dependable environment monitoring solution you can expect from Room Alert. If you need to prevent costly downtime and damage while also 

  • Keeping customer and employee data secure 
  • Ensuring high performance 
  • Maintaining a large number of users 
  • Managing busy networks
  • Following DFARS, NIST SP 800-171 and ISO/IEC 27000 best practices 

and more, then the Room Alert PRO line is your ideal solution! 

To kick off this year, we launched our Room Alert 32S. As our first “S” model, this introduced our most secure and advanced features of Room Alert proactive environment monitoring so far. These features include more advanced layers of security such as HTTPS/SSL web interface, SSL/TLS email notifications, Multiple versions of SNMP and 2048-bit encryption. Our Room Alert PRO Line emerged as the most Advanced Proactive Environment Monitoring, Alerting and Automatic Corrective Action. 

Following the unprecedented success of the Room Alert 32S, we added our Room Alert 12S. The Room Alert 12S was engineered to provide the same level of security and advanced functionality as the Room Alert 32S, but in a smaller, more compact monitor. We wanted to have both of these options available so that we can protect our Room Alert users with the best environment monitoring out there, regardless of the size of their facilities and number of sensors they require. The Room Alert 32S is best for larger facilities where many environment conditions need to be monitored, whereas the Room Alert 12S is best suited for smaller facilities that require less sensor capacity.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want additional information on how the Room Alert PRO line protects your data and facilities against costly environment-related downtime, please contact us today through email at Sales@AVTECH.com, through our online Live Chat service, or via phone 401.628.1600. 

You can also visit our YouTube Channel and read our articles here to learn many other reasons why you need Proactive Environment Monitoring with Room Alert.

Room Alert is Made in the USA, ships worldwide from our locations in the US and EU, and has been protecting facilities since 1988.

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  • Windows 7 & 8
    Start--> All Programs--> Accessories--> Command Prompt
  • Windows 10
    Start--> All Apps--> Windows System--> Command Prompt

To run Windows Command Prompt as an administrator:

  • Windows 7 & 8
    Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  • Windows 10
    Right-click on Command Prompt, select More and then select Run as administrator.

Example Polling Method Properties saved in Orion SolarWinds:

If you are using this client, you should configure the general SNMPv3 Credentials, but leave the Read / Write SNMPv3 Credentials section blank.

Room Alert Link- Supported Firmware Updates

Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E

Room Alert Manager - Compatible Devices

The latest version of Room Alert Manager supports only the devices below.

It does not support any legacy Room Alert or TemPageR models.

Current S modelsCurrent E models
Room Alert 32SRoom Alert 32E
Room Alert 12SRoom Alert 12E
Room Alert 3SRoom Alert 4E
Room Alert 3E
Room Alert 3W