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Are You Prepared For August Weather?

The month of August is known to bring a fusion of various weather conditions worldwide. August weather can consist of anything from hurricanes and tornadoes to extreme heat and even snow that leads to power outages and more. While some parts of the world are preparing to slowly transition from summer to fall, others are in the middle of winter and transitioning to spring. Depending on where you are in the world, there is a wide variety of weather you should be prepared for. 

The best way to proactively prepare for extreme weather and the damage it may cause is with environment monitoring. Environment monitoring is essentially any product, tool or service that monitors the environmental conditions in a space. It is utilized in businesses, organizations and facilities of all kinds to minimize the extent of costly environment-related damage, which accounts for 30% of all costly downtime. When it comes to preparing for severe weather, environment monitoring is your best defense at protecting assets and your business’s reputation. Some of the weather you should prepare for in August includes hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, and high temperatures and heat waves.


The Atlantic Hurricane season stretches from June to November, and August is often the month when hurricane activity will increase. Hurricanes and typhoons have been known to strike around the world in places such as the Philippines, Guam, southeast Asia, Japan, Central America, Mexico, southern Baja, Hawaii, the southeast coast of the United States and even Canada. Any part of the world that has been known to experience the devastation of hurricanes should be taking preventative measures with environment monitoring. Having environment monitoring in place prior to hurricane season means you can mitigate damages due to high winds, flooding and water damage and unexpected power outages.


In the same vein as hurricanes, tornadoes are another form of severe weather with powerful winds and high potential for destruction. Tornadoes are a risk in August, particularly in the northern tier of the U.S and should be taken just as seriously as hurricane season. Just as environment monitoring helps prevent damage due to hurricanes, it can also help prevent and minimize the extent of damage due to tornadoes.


Even though some parts of the world are experiencing the peak of summer, others will soon see the first snowfall of the season. Early-August snow is a little more unusual, but snow was spotted on top of Pikes Peak and Mount Massive in the Colorado Rockies in early August 2017. It is certainly not out of the realm of possibilities for places such as the Rockies and Alaska to experience snow in the month of August. Snow can cause horrendous environmental damage to businesses and facilities as it piles on and begins to melt. It is important to protect people and assets during snowstorms and other severe forms of winter weather.

High Humidity & Heat Waves

On the opposite end of the spectrum from snow, August can bring extreme temperatures, high humidity and high heat. According to one source, “August is typically the warmest month for much of the southern Plains, lower Mississippi Valley, parts of the northern tier from North Dakota to Washington state, as well as along the immediate Pacific coast from Washington to California.” High temperatures can lead to unexpected power outages, health and safety risks for people and damage to inventory and product. High temperature, humidity, power outages and heat waves can be deadly for people and businesses so it is vital to have the tools in place to manage these environmental conditions and the damage they can bring.

Don’t Go Into August Unprepared!

August brings such a wide variety of weather conditions that threaten the productivity and success of your business, organization and facility. Make sure to protect your people, assets, customers and reputation with proactive environment monitoring. Don’t wait until unmonitored environment conditions lead to irreversible disaster. Give yourself peace of mind with environment monitoring tonight.

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