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An Increase Of Extreme Weather: The Value of Environment Monitoring

Extreme weather patterns, specifically over the last 20 years, have shown a steady increase in natural disasters, severe weather and economic loss due to these types of events. According to one article published at the Yale School of the Environment, “From 2000 to 2019, there were 7,348 major natural disasters around the world, killing 1.23 million people and resulting in $2.97 trillion in global economic losses.” This source continued, “By comparison, the previous 20-year period, 1980-1999, had 4,212 natural disasters, claiming 1.19 million lives and causing $1.63 trillion in economic losses.” These alarming statistics demonstrate a “staggering rise” in the number of extreme weather events over the past 20 years. To help mitigate the aftermath from natural disasters and other forms of extreme weather, it is crucial to take any and all planning preventative measures. For any business, it is crucial to factor extreme weather impacts into Business Continuity Planning. Being proactive before disasters occur means businesses can help prevent & minimize disruption and downtime. 

One of the best tools for preventing downtime due to environment-related issues is through advanced environment monitoring. Room Alert is the best solution for environment monitoring for all types of environment concerns, especially as it pertains to severe weather events. We have 30+ years of industry experience in IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring and our products are trusted by thousands of users in 187 out of 196 countries.

How Can Room Alert Address Downtime Due to Severe Weather?

Room Alert monitors, sensors, accessories and services work to proactively prevent and minimize costly downtime related to environment-related conditions from extreme weather such as temperature, humidity, flooding, fire, power loss and more. Our Room Alert monitors and sensors monitor the environment conditions in a given space to record sensor data. Then the Room Alert monitors and sensors communicate with Room Alert Account to alert you to any changes in your environment, so that your team can address it before costly downtime unfolds. As a vital part of any comprehensive and effective Business Continuity Plan, environment monitoring with Room Alert is the best investment you can make to save your business from irreversible damage and even potential bankruptcy.


We have seen so many real-life examples of where environment monitoring with Room Alert can save your business in the face of extreme weather conditions. For example in 2018, Hurricane Florence reminded us all of the value of including environment monitoring in hurricane season preparedness and overall Business Continuity planning. Hurricanes come with powerful winds and heavy rain. This can lead businesses to experience power outages, flooding, mold damage, other forms of water damage and more. If you have Room Alert installed in your facilities, then you can be notified in real-time if a hurricane or other form of severe weather is negatively impacting the environment conditions for your business. 

For example, say you have Room Alert 32S monitors installed in your data center to oversee temperature and humidity levels so you do not experience data loss, equipment failure and other forms of downtime that can come from too high or too low of temperature/humidity in IT settings. Well, during a hurricane, your data center might lose power due to high winds. The award-winning Digital Active Power Sensor w/Temperature that monitors temperature and active power status will detect this power loss. Then, depending on the specifics of the configured alerts in your Room Alert Account, Room Alert will text or email you to notify you of the power outage. Now, you can dramatically reduce the length of downtime by addressing the situation as soon as possible.

Heat Waves

Aside from hurricane and other natural disaster concerns, heat waves can also lead to serious downtime and damages. In data centers or IT settings with expensive equipment, high heat and high humidity can put a strain on sensitive electronics. High heat and extreme hot conditions can be extremely detrimental to the success and productivity of any business. 

For example, say you have Room Alert 3E and Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor installed in your restaurant. During a heat wave or other hot summer conditions, your Room Alert monitors and sensors can monitor temperature, humidity, dew point and heat index. Again depending on the details of your configured alerts, Room Alert will communicate with your Room Alert Account regarding the conditions of your environment. Room Alert Account will text or email you if temperatures rise during a heat wave. With this information, you can quickly correct the situation and prevent further downtime. Room Alert helps ensure employees are working and customers are enjoying comfortable conditions to promote cognition, business reputation and customer satisfaction.

Winter Weather

As we’ve previously talked about, severe winter weather can lead to costly environmental downtime. Storms, freezing rain, sleet, snow and ice can all cause terrible damage to all kinds of businesses, organizations and facilities. Here in Rhode Island, we’re experiencing the peak of our winter season with freezing temperatures, snow storms and more. Room Alert environment monitoring helps protect your employees, customers and assets from costly environment-related downtime due to extreme winter conditions.  

For example, say you have a Room Alert 12S and Power Sensor installed in your office building. On a weekend in the winter, your office building may lose power due to the strong winds during a winter storm. If your facility loses power, chances are your heat is off as well. Because outside temperatures are below freezing, extended power outages, especially those that happen over the weekend when no one is on-site, can lead to frozen pipes cracking or even entirely bursting. Of course, costly downtime and damage can occur here but that’s not all.  

Once the heat inevitably turns back on, your pipes will thaw and water can begin to leak. Even though a small water leak may not seem too serious, it can cause significant damage if it is not quickly detected. In one day, a ⅛ inch pipe crack can leak 250 gallons of liquid. With our Flood Sensor w/8’ Cable installed, you can be notified as soon as a leak is detected. That means without Room Alert environment monitoring, you will be losing money by the minute.  

AVTECH’s Room Alert proactive environment monitoring has demonstrated the highest level of excellence in environment monitoring. Over the years we’ve won awards such as “Best In Environment Monitoring Solution”, “20 Most Innovative Companies Of The Year 2020” and “2019 TMC Data Center Excellence”. You can trust Room Alert to be a worthwhile Business Continuity investment that protects your employees, customers, assets and reputation for years to come.

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