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Environment Monitoring Covers Your Blindspots During The Holidays

We’ve previously discussed the importance of setting your facilities up for success throughout the holiday season. While many businesses and organizations are short-staffed and battling nasty winter weather, it is key to protect your critical assets from all potential threats as best as possible. You can’t control what nasty winter weather rolls your way, but you can prepare yourself by installing proactive environment monitoring. Environment monitoring helps mitigate downtime such as lost resources and productivity due to severe weather impacts. During this time of year when inclement weather mixes with undermanned facilities, right now is the time to reflect on your Business Continuity plan. Do your current efforts cover unforeseen power outages or frozen and burst pipes? Make sure you consider all of the environmental conditions that could lead to catastrophic damage.

Environment Monitoring In Short-Staffed And Unmanned Facilities

Environment monitoring offers peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy this special time of year. Advanced and secure monitoring that oversees the conditions in your environment helps prevent costly downtime from worsening or even unfolding in the first place. If your environment monitoring detects a power outage or leaking pipe, it will promptly notify you and your team so you can take corrective action before disaster strikes. In December and January, you might find your organization short-staffed as many of us take vacations to celebrate with friends and family. Having a dependable environment monitoring solution means having alert and accurate eyes on-site 24/7. Environment monitoring adds an additional layer of security and protection where being short-staffed can’t.

It is important to have an effective and affordable way to remotely monitor your facilities when you are short-staffed, completely unstaffed or your offices are closed. If you want your business to remain productive and without interruption this holiday season, you need environment monitoring to cover your blind spots. Take a big sigh of relief knowing that your environment monitoring is working around the clock, and will alert you to any threats before major issues such as irreversible data loss occur.

Environment Monitoring In Inclement Weather

Best of all, environment monitoring provides immense value even if you are fully staffed. Inclement weather such as Nor’easters, freezing rain, sleet, snow and ice can cause terrible damage to all kinds of businesses, organizations and facilities. Winter weather can present hazards including slippery roads/surfaces, strong winds and environmental cold that threatens worker safety and wellbeing. Snowstorms can knock out the heat and power in your facilities. Extreme cold temperatures can lead to pipes freezing and then bursting, causing flooding and water damage. The dangerous and potentially deadly possibilities are endless. Without proactive measures in place, you can quickly lose everything and find yourself closing your doors for good. 

As if all of that isn’t reason enough to prepare, extreme weather patterns, specifically over the last 20 years, have shown a steady increase in natural disasters, severe weather and economic loss due to these types of events. On top of all the obvious trouble that winter weather brings, these conditions also usually mean travel bans. Employees aren’t able to be onsite to check on the facilities to make sure they have power, or water hasn’t entered the building through a leaking roof or a burst pipe due to frigid temperatures. Plus, at a time when so many of your employees are depending on remote access to stay productive, unexpected downtime could make remote access impossible. Proactive environment monitoring keeps you in the know about how winter weather has impacted your facilities, and helps get your organization back to full speed as quickly as possible.

With staffing and weather concerns at an all-time high this holiday season, we hope you choose to install environment monitoring in your facilities. Protect your people, assets and business reputation from the 30% of all outages and data loss incidents that are caused by environment factors.

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