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Smart buildings are quickly growing in popularity across the globe, and for good reason. Smart buildings help conserve costs on heating, air conditioning, power, and more while also helping to reduce impact on the environment. Automation in smart buildings also helps increase productivity by automatically adjusting temperature and light levels for maximum comfort. Much of […]

Recent updates to GoToMyDevices, our cloud-based monitoring platform, have received a lot of well-deserved attention. We’re very proud of the real-time collaboration tools we introduced, including alert comments and acknowledgements, as well as improved alert notifications and alert customization. Along with those new features, a big update to GoToMyDevices is the ability for users on […]

Every business has a firewall – they are a critical part of every business continuity plan. Firewalls help protect your valuable data from outside theft, and can also help keep employees from engaging in activities (both knowingly and unknowingly) that can result in data loss. What many businesses don’t consider are environmental factors that can […]

Many times in product development, an issue that the creators are facing themselves helps drive innovation and new ideas. That’s certainly the case with some invaluable new features we just rolled out in our latest GoToMyDevices update – alert acknowledgements and alert comments. We always wanted to make GoToMyDevices a collaborative tool for our users, […]

We’ve been taking a deeper look at some of the great new features in GoToMyDevices, including the different ways alerts can be sent to multiple users, along with the ability to create completely custom alert messages in GoToMyDevices. In this installment of the GoToMyDevices article series, we wanted to take a deeper look into two […]

On Friday, October 21st 2016, an unprecedented attack was made on Dyn, a DNS provider that helps Internet traffic across the globe make its way to many of the world’s popular websites. A significant number of heavily -trafficked sites were down for a good part of the day, including Twitter, The Wall Street Journal, Spotify, […]

Last week we published a few quick articles about how AVTECH made worldwide news. Well, it was an AVTECH, but it wasn’t our AVTECH. As we mentioned previously, there’s an AVTECH in Taiwan that manufactures CCTV cameras and DVR hardware, all of which are designed to be internet-accessible. Since both companies manufacture hardware that operates in the […]

Well! This has certainly been a busy week for us here at AVTECH Software when it comes to mentions in the news, online, and in social media. You may not be aware of this, but there is another company called AVTECH that is based in Taiwan. They originally were named “Audio and Visual Technologies” before […]

Earlier today, an article was published by SecurityWeek that detailed serious flaws in products manufactured by the Taiwan-based firm AVTECH. Specifically, the Internet-connected CCTV equipment and cameras from this company can potentially be taken over by malicious users due to the source code and firmware used in these devices. It is important to note that the […]

Hurricane Matthew formed quickly, and is now headed towards the southeastern United States after battering the Caribbean. We hope that all of our users and resellers on the islands have been staying safe during the worst of the storm. As Hurricane Matthew makes its way towards the United States mainland, it’s important that businesses directly in the […]